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Polaroid of the week: Road tripping in Southern Arizona

Polaroid of the week: Road tripping in Southern Arizona

Last Updated on February 19, 2021

polaroid of the week usa arizona road tripThis week’s Polaroid is coming a little earlier than usual because I have two more posts coming up this weekend – including my monthly round-up on Sunday!

Having a visitor in town was the perfect excuse to do a lot of sightseeing, hiking and road tripping in the past seven days. Showing a first-time visitor around Arizona was a great way to see this beautiful part of the US with new eyes and our itinerary included revisiting old favorites of mine, like Saguaro National Park, road tripping to nearby towns such as the Old Western town Tombstone (including its hilarious cemetery) and the charming mining-turned-artist-town Bisbee, and escaping the hot desert summer to cooler temperatures up on top of Mount Lemmon, where I hadn’t been since 2010.

I find road tripping through the barren desert scenery both liberating and calming, the wide open plains and big skies that imply the land in front of you is yours to discover, evoking a true feeling of freedom which fills my heart with joy. Driving down the empty country roads that cut through the land like a never ending straight line made me wish I’d be road tripping for longer – I am dreaming of an epic road trip across the entire U.S., lasting at least three months. While I won’t have enough time to do it this year (and after a scary accident yesterday I am not sure if I’d have the guts to do it right now – but more on said accident in Sunday’s post), I am hoping to make this dream come true in the near future… I am dying to see the Pacific North West, drive across Texas, see Mt Rushmore, Montana and drive down the Florida Keys. Plus, I think a return trip to my favorite canyons in Northern Arizona is long overdue, combined with the National Parks in Utah I’ve been wanting to visit for years. So who’s up for a road trip?

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Monday 1st of June 2015

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Saturday 30th of May 2015

Hey Dani,

I love your choice of words to describe your experience of driving through Arizona. It is exactly what I have in my mind for my August road through Grand Canyon and Sedona area. Liberating and calm ! I look forward to let the beautiful shades of red desert colours to invade my soul and allow this expansive space to be a channel for connection with the magical creations of the universe =) I am totally up for a road trip through US =) How about on campervans? The freedom to stop and sleep anywhere at anytime. Get a group of people together could be lots of FUN! I hope your accident was nothing to serious and you are ok. If you find it difficult to recover form the trauma of it, drop me a line, that is one of my area of expertise. I help people to overcome emotional blockages that hold them back, especially fears! I look forward to read your Sunday post. Be well and take care.