On a shoestring

Singapore on a shoestring

singapore skyscrapers
Don't let rumors of high prices in Singapore put you off a visit there. With a bit of planning, a

Belize on a shoestring

isla de san pedro
The prices in Belize can be much higher than anywhere else in Central America, but with some planning, Belize can

Costa Rica on a Shoestring

costa rica sunset
Costa Rica is the gem in Central America’s tourism crown: lush, green jungles, wild animals, breathtaking beaches and a well-developed

Los Angeles on a shoestring

Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles might seem like an expensive city, but it's easy to explore L.A. without breaking the bank! Check out

Tel Aviv on a Shoestring

tel aviv beach life
Tel Aviv is known to be not the budget-friendliest city, but it is so worth a visit - which is
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