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Polaroid of the week: Vintage car in Bisbee, Arizona

Polaroid of the week: Vintage car in Bisbee, Arizona

Last Updated on February 19, 2021

..polaroid of the week usa arizona bisbee street with vintage car
We are back in Tucson, Arizona! We first housesat here back in May-June 2010, at the start of our travels and we just love being back taking care of the adorable Miss Millie again.

Last weekend we went to Bisbee, a tiny little town 90 miles south of Tucson. Although at first it appears that time has stood still in this incredibly charming little town, it turns out that Bisbee is a very progressive community. We ended up visiting during their annual Pride weekend and found a laid-back but very popular Pride event underway. With a population of less than 6,000, this former mining town might be small, but we took a trip out to see the old copper mine, and it was truly massive. We found it fascinating to imagine the mine in full swing, the thousands of workers it must have taken to create what now looks like a multi-tiered meteor crater.

After the mine closed, Bisbee reinvented itself in the 70s as an artist commune and the creative vibe is tangible everywhere in town. There are art galleries, street art graffiti and murals and the main street is filled with independent little stores and creative coffee shops. If you ever find yourself in Southern Arizona, make sure to take a trip out to Bisbee – we loved it!


Monday 2nd of July 2012

This is exactly why I want to see more of the US, small towns like this fascinate me.


Tuesday 3rd of July 2012

Ayngelina - we tend to find these little towns much more charming than the big cities with all the same stores & chain restaurants. Bisbee was just too cute.


Friday 29th of June 2012

Ohh, my husband loves those cars!! I am all about roadtripping around Arizona. Lets see if I can pull out a Phoenix to Grand Canyon trip soon.


Sunday 1st of July 2012

Ruth - you would an Arizona road trip! We did Phoenix to Grand Canyon two years ago and it was magical! There is an old part of the route 66 where you'll see plenty of vintage cars like the one in the photo - your husband will love it!