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Six Most Popular Places for a Holiday Adventure

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In these precarious times, it seems that nothing would provide more solace for the soul than a much-needed vacation somewhere far from the din of everyday life. Things feel especially hectic and demoralizing, and it makes sense to plan for something nice so that you can have something to look forward to. Planning a trip for the holidays is a great way to explore new places, unwind, and just give you something to be excited about – a fun adventure can cure all kinds of malaise fairly easily.

Even within a limited budget, you can plan for a wonderful getaway to enjoy on your own, with a significant other or the entire family. Regardless of your personal circumstances, the following six ideas are sure to get you buzzing with excitement.

The Florida Keys

Let’s first start with something more local. The Florida Keys are a well-known destination for tourists the world over. The stunning stretch of tropical islands just off the southern tip of Florida has a great deal to offer in terms of warm weather, beautiful scenery, and a wonderful arts and culture scene. If you’re a fan of adventure then you’re in luck. This destination in particular is a haven for those who love to fish, go snorkeling, and learn scuba diving. It is also famous for its many colorful bars, the Ernest Hemingway Museum, and the nightly Sunset Celebration that offers plenty of live music and other fun events for both tourists and locals to enjoy.


Here we can start broadening our horizons a bit and explore places beyond the borders of this country. There are many ways in which travel can enhance a sense of wellbeing, and cultivate calm and joy. Traveling isn’t just about seeing the sites and making a mad dash to shop and fill your suitcase with kitschy souvenirs. There is a whole world of spirituality that you can uncover, as the experts over at the Life is Good initiative clearly point out. India is an especially excellent place to discover within these parameters given its storied natural beauty, the adventurous mountains and villages of the Himalayas, endless opportunities for safaris, and getting an immersive experience in the country’s rich culture and history.


Thailand is another excellent destination for tourists who long for a different and spiritual experience. This country has a lot to offer in terms of sandy beaches, off the wall full moon parties, gorgeous gilded temples which the faithful dutifully visit, and more. Bangkok is central to all the action, but it is fairly easy to travel to nearby destinations such as Chiang Mai, a heralded spiritual center, via train or bus. There are also assorted islands that provide remarkable access to the clear blue waters imaginable. Thailand is also quite the foodie city, with plenty of incredible local delicacies to savor, at a fairly reasonable cost.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of those magical places that end up on the bucket list of many people. This breathtaking ancient city located in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the trek itself is quite the adventure. It involves four full days of hiking at least, with altitudes of over four thousand meters. Thankfully, there are some tours that can be organized so that you can travel with a group, led by experts. Once you make it to the famed Inca Trail, you can enjoy activities such as paddle boarding, zip-lining, and the like.


Zimbabwe is a beautiful country that has a great deal to offer. At the top of the list is a particularly unique safari experience that many have explained as life-changing. Rather than doing the usual thing of traveling by jeep, you can go on a walking safari tour, which is guided by experts at the local Hwange National Park, in which you can see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and so on. This should definitely be at the top of your list if you are a nature lover. 


Coming full circle, we are rounding out this list by coming back to another much-lauded American destination: Hawaii. The ethereal beauty of this locale is well noted, with its perfect beaches and endless sunshine. While it is definitely a beautiful and relaxing place to be, there are plenty of adventurous activities you can try, such as hiking to Waimea Canyon and camping under the stars. 

Whether you decide to go someplace fairly nearby in the country or try to travel the less beaten path abroad, there is so much out there for the more adventurous souls to explore. Given how stressful daily life has become, nothing can help you feel grounded more than a well-timed holiday trip somewhere exciting and new.

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Thinking of Visiting California? Here Are Some Ideas to Get You Started

redondo beach california

The great state of California has a lot to offer and it can provide you with a memorable vacation you’ll be talking about for years to come. If you’ve been tossing around the idea of going to Cali with friends or loved ones, book that trip. With this little guide, you’ll be on the fast track to a fun-filled vacation in no time. So pack your bags, grab your keys, and postpone the mail, you’re headed to the Golden State. venice beach

Entertainment to the Rescue

After you’ve gone through the preliminaries of packing (hopefully not at the last minute) and choosing accommodations while you’re away, you should think about entertainment. What will you do with your time on vacation? You and anyone accompanying you will want to do stuff while visiting California and if your partner is an adult, maybe a trip to the casinos in San Diego might be in the cards. These locations have a number of different amenities to choose from, including spa treatments, various cuisine options, and of course gaming galore. So if you want to have a good night out trying your luck, a trip to the casino can scratch that itch.  


Make it EPIC!

No one wants to go on vacation and have nothing good to recall from the trip, right? This is why you’ll have to try and make it great. A vacation is only going to be as good as you make it, so why not aim to make it EPIC? Take pictures, visit exciting locations, eat great local cuisine, and bask in the atmosphere. Depending on the company you keep, you can visit a karaoke bar, a comedy club, or a theme park to let loose and ride a coaster or two. Or take a trip to Pinks and get yourself an iconic hot dog. The general idea is to enjoy your vacation to the best of your ability, so you can have a story to tell once you get back.


Beach Day, You Bet

Yes, a beach day does promote relaxation, but it doesn’t have to be all about laying on it and hopefully getting a tan and not a burn. California has a lovely coast, which is packed with beaches for you to visit and surf. What? Surfing? If you’re not accustomed to the idea of catching a wave and hanging ten, then you should warm up to it because it’s a fun way to enjoy a day at the beach. Plus, people of all ages can get in on the fun. You don’t have to be a pro to do it either, as trying to balance yourself on the board and getting grabbing your first wave is exhilarating and entertaining. hermosa beach surfer sculpture

What Else is There?

If you’re not already convinced that a California vacation is a good way to spend a few days of your life, here are a few other reasons to really sway your judgment. All across the Golden State, there are magnificent views to see and photograph. For the budding or pro photographer, California has a plethora of landmarks for you to capture. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood sign, a Sequoia tree in the forest, a pristine lake, or gorgeous mountain ranges. Yeah, a few of the choices might be cliche, but hey might as well get a picture if you happen to be going by anyway. There’s a lot of fun things to do and exciting places to visit in California, just do your research and plan accordingly. Be sure to check any and all of your boxes, so you can have a monumental vacation with splendid memories to boot. 

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5 Top Countries for Nurses to Travel to for Work

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All around the world, nurses do an incredible job at the front line of medical and health care. For those training to be a nurse or already working in nursing, this career offers an incredible opportunity to work almost anywhere, with no community worldwide where nurses cannot offer their skills, expertise, and care. Whether you are studying to become a nurse and considering working abroad or are a nurse who is looking for a change of scenery, there are plenty of countries around the world where nurses can enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful career along with a great lifestyle. Here are some of the best countries around the world for nurses to work:

New Zealand

In New Zealand, the healthcare system is divided between private care and state-funded, and there are opportunities for nurses to work in both. The public system makes up around 80% of the healthcare providers in the country, while the remainder is provided by private hospitals and doctors. Healthcare is a well-supported industry here, with state funding making up around 10% of the GDP, just over the average. Nurses in New Zealand are equipped with modern working environments with the latest up-to-date equipment and technology. Doctor’s appointments here are paid for by the patient, but treatment in state clinics and hospitals is free.

There are many great reasons to consider moving to New Zealand as a nurse, including:

  • They’re currently on a recruitment drive, with a goal of increasing their nursing workforce by 25.000 in the next ten years.
  • Expats and nurses who trained overseas make up over 40% of healthcare professionals in the country.
  • There’s a high chance of your working visa application being accepted if you have the skills needed to fill one of the several advertised roles.
  • A minimum amount of four weeks paid annual leave in a year along with generous salaries.


Similar to New Zealand, the Australian healthcare system also has a combination of private and public healthcare available, and while some doctor’s appointments are paid for, most healthcare is free for those taking advantage of the public system. Australia also invests heavily in healthcare, so nurses working here will benefit from a modern working environment and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

There’s a high level of demand for nurses in Australia and a very proactive recruitment drive. Nurses at the top of their field are often ‘scouted’ by the government. Nurses who have qualified with an advanced degree from Baylor University Online will need to undergo an International English Language Test regardless of their first language in order to qualify for Australian nursing registration. Holding qualifications that are recognized by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board may make it easier to get a visa, but Australia recruits talented nurses from all over the world. Nurses can enjoy:

  • A wide range of places to live and work from rural areas to busy modern cities
  • A high level of investment in education and further qualifications for healthcare staff
  • Reciprocal healthcare provided for yourself
  • Great work/life balance
  • Generous salaries



Denmark is a country offering a unique opportunity for nurses who want to work in a healthcare system that is completely state-funded. It is also one of Europe’s top countries for healthcare provision, with an incredibly well-organized system and exceptionally modern working environments. In Denmark, nurses report extremely high levels of job satisfaction and are happy with their roles.

EU nationals do not need a visa to work in Denmark but nurses from the U.S. will need to apply for the right to work in the country. Irrespective of where you are coming from, you will need to be authorized by the appropriate healthcare governing bodies in order to start working here. It is also required for all nurses moving to Denmark to work to be proficient in the Danish language, and you may be asked to take a language test in order to be authorized to start working.

Nurses in Denmark can expect:

  • A friendly and informal work environment with equality between healthcare professionals, who all go by first names only
  • Six weeks of paid annual leaves per year
  • One of the best nursing salaries in Europe



With a modern public healthcare system in place, Canada is an excellent choice for nurses who are looking to move from the U.S. thanks to its proximity to the country and non-existed language barrier. In order to work in Canada as a nurse, you’ll need to first submit an online form to get the documentation process started, which can take anywhere from three to eighteen months depending on your personal circumstances. You’ll also need to take an examination to get a board certification from the College of Nurses of Ontario before you will be able to practice as a nurse here.

Nursing in Canada comes with:

    • The easy visa application process for U.S-based nurses
    • An average salary of $51,000 per year
    • Modern working environments

canada flowers

The UK

Similar to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the UK is an excellent choice for nurses who want to work abroad without the language barrier. Working for the National Health Service is the most popular option for nurses in the UK, but there are private hospitals and clinics too. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement, and life can be excellent as a nurse once you reach higher levels. Entry-level nurses start out on around $30,000 per year which can increase to as much as $43,000 annually with experience. In order to become a nurse in the UK, you’ll need to be qualified with at least a degree in pre-registration nursing. You’ll also need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and complete an assessment.

Nurses in the UK can expect:

  • A range of settings to work and live in, from rural countryside areas to major cities
  • Plenty of opportunities for career progression

Whether you’re down for learning a new language or want to work somewhere without a language barrier, nurses can find meaningful work all over the world. Where will your nursing career take you?

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Five Epic European Road Trips

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Everybody loves a good road trip, and Europe has more scenic roads than you could cover in a lifetime. Majestic castles in Austria, half-timbered houses in Germany, rolling green hills in England, Alpine landscapes in Switzerland, majestic fjords in Norway, and vineyards lining the country roads as you are driving in France – these are just some of the things that lift my heart and keep me driving. As more and more European countries are re-opening their borders for tourism post-COVID-19, travel to Europe is starting to pick up. European road trips are one of the best ways to travel around Europe while staying safe. RV rental companies have already seen an increase in bookings,

If I had to pick just five, this would be the list of my favorite road tips in Europe:fiat 500 & san gimignano

Five Epic European Road Trips

1. The Amalfi Coast | Italy

The Amalfi coast in the south of Italy is the country’s most beautiful stretch of coastline, where quaint terraced villages are spread through the hillsides stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea are around every corner. The coast route follows the shoreline from Sorrento in the north to Salerno in the south. Your hearts will pound as you hug the road past steep cliffs, and soar when you pass the many vineyards where you may wish to stop and spend a few days. The four main towns on the Amalfi Coast are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, and stops in all of them are essential! This is without a doubt one of the most picturesque European road trips.

Best time for a road trip: March to May, when Spring is in full bloom and the summer tourist season has not yet begun.
Recommended number of days: 2 to 4 days
Level of difficulty: It is a beautiful drive, but challenging. Drivers should be confident on winding, narrow roads.

Cinque Terre coast1

2. The Highlands | Scotland

Scotland’s Highlands are unlike anywhere in the world and a Highland road trip covers some of the most spectacular places in the UK. I recommend a loop, starting your trip in Glasgow and finishing in Edinburgh, heading north through the mountains and locks that make the Highlands so famous, and then heading back down to the Scottish capital. Start in Glasgow and head to Loch Lomond before continuing north to the small outpost of Fort William from there. Here you can hike the mighty Ben Nevis, the highest mountain of the British Isles, or head west towards Mallaig with a stop at the picturesque Loch Shiel. From Mallaig, take the car ferry over to the Isle of Skye, and head back to the mainland via the Skye Bridge. Fro here it is a short drive to fairytale-esque Eileen Donan Castle.road trips in EuropeDepending on how much time you have left, I recommend driving further north to the fishing town of Ullapool and the little village of Lochinver, with its white-sand beaches. Otherwise drive straight east towards Fort Augustus, which is the perfect base to explore Loch Ness. Drive along the Loch to the quaint town of Inverness and take the scenic route via Pitlochry to Edinburgh, and you will see most of the iconic Scottish landmarks like the Lochs, Whiskey distilleries and Highland cows.

Best time for a road trip: April – October
Recommended number of days: 5 to 7 days
Level of difficulty: Roads are narrow and driving is on the left – drivers should be experienced and confident.

Scotland highlands sheep

3. The Romantic Road | Germany

The Romantic Road in the south of Germany offers some of the most stunning scenery of the country. Driving from Würzburg to the foothills of the Alps near Neuschwanstein Castle, you will pass sweeping views, ancient cathedrals and castles, castles, castles. You will drive through the pretty Tauber Valley before you arrive in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which dates back to the 13th century with medieval streets and thick city walls – doubtlessly the pearl of the Romantic Road! Other highlights include the gorgeous town of Nördlingen, Augsburg with its stunning cathedral, Hohenschwangau with its jaw-droppingly beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle and the nearby historic town of Füssen. If you have more time, you can drive up to Munich from here and end your road trip in one of Germany’s most traditional cities. Don’t forget to pack your lederhosen!

Best time for a road trip: Spring or summer, but fall is also a beautiful time to visit.
Recommended number of days: 5 to 7 days
Level of difficulty: The road is fairly easy to navigate, though it can get narrow at times.

European Road Trips

4. France beyond Paris | France

This road trip is the ideal way to combine a trip to Paris with an additional few days to explore the idyllic French countryside. I would recommend starting in Paris and driving through Chartres, Le Mans, Rennes, Caen, Rouen and then circling back to Paris. Just outside of the city, stop in Versailles to see Napoleon’s remarkable palace, and then move on to Chartres, home to a UNESCO World Heritage cathedral, before exploring Renne, which still has plenty of well-maintained wood-edifice buildings typical for that area of France. North of Rennes is the spectacular Le Mont-St.-Michel, a rocky island set in the English Channel, just off the coast, that is almost entirely inhabited by the medieval Benedictine Abbey and church – not to be missed! Rouen is home to the extraordinary cathedral made famous by Monet’s painting, and makes for a fabulous last stop on this French road trip.

Best time for a road trip: Between April and October
Recommended number of days:4 to 5
Level of difficulty: All roads on this trip are easy to navigate.

road trips in Europe

5. Dublin – Kilkenny – Cork – Galway | Southern Ireland

Traveling around Ireland by car is on many people’s wishlists, and this is indeed one of the most beautiful European road trips. Southern Ireland has some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, especially along the coast. Our Southern Ireland road trip starts in Dublin and brings you to Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick and Galway, and ends back in Dublin. This road trip is the perfect way to get to know the culture, landscape and history of Ireland, passing impressive castles as well as picturesque Irish villages. Some of the highlights of this road trip are County Kerry, which has a rugged coastline and tall mountains, and is especially famous for the Ring of Kerry, a circular road that follows a trace of coastline of mountainous fingers jutting out into the ocean. The infamous Cliffs of Moher, which tower 700 feet above the ocean, are another highlight of this trip. Earthtrekkers have a detailed 10-day itinerary for this ultimate Ireland road trip.

Best time for a road trip: Between March and October
Recommended number of days: 5 to 7 days
Level of difficulty: Left side driving and narrow roads. Not for novices.

European Road Trips

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Safe Caribbean Beach Destination: Antigua and Barbuda Dream Vacation


Looking for a safe beach vacation away from the big crowds? Take advantage of the low-cost airfare and adventure to Jolly Harbour, Antigua. Incredibly enough, Antigua has zero reported active Covid-19 cases, employs social distancing practices, and is one of the safest places to enjoy a beach vacation. Here are some of the best spots to explore on a beach getaway to Antigua:Caribbean sunset

A Safe Beach Getaway

With 365 beaches in Antigua, all of which are open to the public, there are more places for beachgoers to spread out. While every beach in Antigua has a unique personality, it is difficult to beat Jolly Beach. If you are looking for crystal clear waters and smooth white sand, Jolly Beach is the quintessential Caribbean beach dream. Jolly Beach is a mile long, so there is plenty of space to spread out safely and enjoy the sunset.

Other beaches you have to visit on a trip to Antigua are Half Moon Bay, Dickenson Bay and Galley Bay Beach, where you can often see sea turtles.Caribbean bliss

Jolly Harbor Private Condo Rental

After a day of sunbathing and relaxing, you will want to enjoy a private and peaceful condo to unwind in (as opposed to a crowded resort). You can find private condos along Jolly Harbor. This luxury waterfront condo overlooks the harbor itself so you can watch the stunning sailboats yachts as they pull into port.caribbean

Local Beach Restaurants in Antigua

From Italy to South Africa, Jolly Harbor is home to hundreds of world travelers, each bringing a piece of their culture. One of the best cultural contributions is their food! In Jolly Harbor, you can find restaurants that serve native Antiguan cuisine as well as Italian, Greek, Indian, and American dishes. Some of our favorites are:

  • Al Porto | Italian | Two-for-One Pizza Night Tuesdays
  • Castaways | World Flavors | Beachside bar service 
  • The Crow’s Nest | Hamburgers | Harborside Upscale Burgers
  • Petal’s Café | Breakfast/Brunch | Relaxed Harborside Breakfast Favorites

pizza night

Historical Attractions in Antigua

While visiting a new country, it is fascinating to explore the culture and history. There is no better place to do so than Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout and gun battery. Not only does this destination provide a cultural experience, but the ruins of Fort Shirley, perched on the hilltop, also hosts breathtaking scenic views over both English and Falmouth Harbours. Shirley Heights provides a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach at the Barbecue Party that happens every Sunday.

Nelson's Dockyard ~ English Harbour

Nearby is the perfectly restored English Harbour, which is also worth a visit. That’s where you find Nelson’s Dockyard, a naval dockyard that was Lord Nelson’s headquarters from 1784 to 1787 and was used by the British fleet during the Napoleonic Wars.

If you are interested in historic homes, don’t miss Clarence House, which was built for King William IV in the 18th century and is a beautiful example of Colonial architecture. On a tour of the house, you can see well-preserved period furniture including a unique wooden bathtub. Note: Clarence House now serves as the residence of the governor-general of Antigua and Barbuda and can only be toured when the governor-general is not around. 
Shirley Height, Antigua

Photo Credit: Nelson’s Dockyard by Prayitno via; Shirley Heights by tps58 via

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The Five Best Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies

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Going on a honeymoon is probably the most beautiful and unforgettable trip in newly-married couples’ lives. If you and your spouse also enjoy trying new dishes in your travels, continue reading to learn about the five best honeymoon destinations for foodies.

1 Seville, Spain

Seville is ideal for your romantic getaway because of the Parque de María Luisa and Triana quarter. Parque de María Luisa is a park that looks like a Monet painting come to life. You can have a romantic picnic at Isleta de Los Pájaros located by the river and listen to the sounds of water trickling and musicians practising.

You can go to the Triana quarter and try Los Pajaritos. You should also try codorniz or fried quail on a thick slab of beautiful Sevillian bread. Avenida Santa Cecilia 2 is one of the restaurants that serve this local speciality in Seville. If plan your honeymoon in Seville, make sure that you include how to sign up to a delayed flight compensation app in advance so that it won’t take any of your time once you arrive and you can enjoy your time wandering around the city.honey moon destinations for foodies

2 Krabi, Thailand

Aside from visiting scenic spots in Bangkok and Phuket, Krabi is definitely worth a visit. If you enjoyed Phuket, you will surely have fun in Koh Phi Phi. This famous island in Thailand is known for its beaches, restaurants, wild parties, nature treks, and diving sites. Thus, you and your partner will have a great time together. If it comes down to choosing Phuket vs Krabi for your honeymoon, Thai food lovers should certainly go off the beaten track. 

Krabi is the best place to try the spiciest dishes and curry. Aside from curries like gaeng som, you can also try khao mok gai which is similar to biryani at local markets there.railay beach thailand

3 Rome, Italy

Rome is undeniably a favourite among honeymooners. From the many romantic and iconic spots here, from Palatine Hill to the Spanish Steps is one of the best. It is a perfect place for you and your partner to sit down with an espresso or gelato on hand and watch locals and tourists pass by the grand steps.

If you want to eat a unique non-pasta dish in the city, you can try Roman artichokes. These can either be blanched in lemon water and fried in olive oil or braised in oil, water, and white wine.Honeymoon destinations for foodies

4 Orlando. USA

Orlando is known for its theme parks, so renting a car at Orlando airport and heading to Universal Orlando Resort for your honeymoon is a good choice is you are looking for a fun honeymoon and like to eat big. It will be a unique experience for you as newlyweds since you can relive your time of being children. There are options stay there if you get tired of all the walking and queuing.

If you and your partner love barbecues, you shouldn’t miss out on eating at the 4 Rivers Steakhouse. The place looks like a canteen, so it’s a place for you two to chill. You should try their Angus brisket and pulled-pork sandwiches since a lot of locals line up for these.sandwich

5 Hong Kong, China

One of the most romantic things to do in Hong Kong is riding a traditional Chinese junk boat. You and your spouse can see the city’s skyline view.  You can go to Aqua Luna to take a ride through Victoria Harbor and see the Symphony of Lights from there.

Desserts are a must-try in Hongkong. You can head out to The Dessert Kitchen to experience its creative food concepts. This quaint cafe sells unique Asian desserts any time of the day. Blueberry Kiss is a sweet treat you shouldn’t miss trying there. 
Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies

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Top Five Romantic European Destinations

Dubai Renting a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Isn’t it amazing to be surprised by your partner with a romantic getaway? Having the opportunity to go with that special person is a great opportunity to know them better and to acknowledge that they are really serious about the relationship. After all, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to travel abroad with another person. Some say it is the ultimate test. However, you may be reading this because you are the one who wants to plan ahead for an unforgettable anniversary with your loved one.

If you are finally ready to start planning, we listed some of the most romantic European destinations that you and your partner will definitely enjoy. They’re as follows:venice love locks italy

1 Prague

Prague is said to be the most romantic city that Europe has to offer. There are various landmarks throughout the city such as the Vltava River where you can feed the swans or rent a rowboat to explore around. There’s also the well-maintained royal gardens to make you feel like a queen or a king even for just a short period of time.prague

2 Venice

Venice is surely a place you will love if you love and appreciate art. It also has historical landmarks like churches and palaces that you can roam around with your partner. To complete your trip, we highly recommend staying in an elegant Venetian apartment to experience what it feels like living like a local.venice canale grande gondoliers

3 Split (Croatia)

Romantic cruises in Croatia are sought after by many couples due to the ambiance and the memorable accommodation they provide. Usually, the sailing experience takes up to 8 days, but you can go on a one-day sailing adventure if you prefer to explore the city by foot more.where is the love

4 Brittany (France)

Brittany is known for its breathtaking coastlines and beach resorts where you can also go camping in a luxurious French setting, also known as glamping. It is a very unique experience that you should try at least once in your life, and what better way to experience it by being with your significant other.France

5 Ionian Islands (Greece)

The Ionian Islands are known for their gorgeous sea and amazing island hopping tours. If you want to make the most out of your trip, it is best to go to Lefkada which has fewer tourists and not as busy as the other islands.

Paxi, on the other hand, has two islands namely Antipaxos and Paxos. These two small islands get busy during the month of August, but if you are not bothered by big crowds and would like to socialize, this is the best place to go. Overall, the Ionian Islands have seven islands, with each of them featuring a unique character and landscapes that you will love.sunset drink

Planning for a romantic European trip takes some time, so researching ahead of time to know the perfect itinerary and weighing the options to make sure that they’re worth paying for is necessary. By doing this, you can make sure that you and your partner will have a worthwhile trip that will turn out to be something that both of you will enjoy cherishing for ages.where is the love

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Six Best Destination Wedding Ideas

isla mujeres love

Are you looking to elope and need some destination wedding ideas? Check out these six breathtaking places around the globe to get married:

Every couple opting for a destination wedding has a vision, what they want the wedding to look and feel like. And this begins by scouting the best places for a destination wedding but where to even start looking! Whether you are dreaming of a grand, an intimate, a beach, a budget or a same-sex wedding, there’s the perfect spot for everyone!

From New Zealand to America, Jamaica to England, Mexico to Italy, here are some destination wedding ideas for you.

Destination Wedding Ideas

The U.S. – the gay wedding

Are you a same-sex couple or LGBT+ couple looking for comfortable, accepting and romantic marriage locations? Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs, California is one of the best places you can find. The first quality about Palm Springs is that there is a big LGBT+ community, so you’ll feel welcome and don’t have to worry about stares and unwanted attention.

The setting of the hotel also makes it the most romantic. It boasts palm-flanked pools, candlelit walkways, and bougainvillea filled garden, where you can have an intimate ceremony. The year-round blessing of sunshine and desert-like landscape allows couples to have stunning outdoor weddings.

At the end of the day, lodge at the rustic-styled villas. And sleep with a views of San Jacinto Mountains.

Check out Korakia Pensione here

kuala lumpur flowers

Jamaica – the budget wedding

Even if you have only a small budget, you can always have your dream destination wedding, fireworks and all! Hotel Rui Montego Bay in Jamaica has you covered and can help you plan and organize your dream wedding from start to finish. The hotel is calmly situated on a white sand beach, a stone’s throw away from Montego Bay’s main town. Their wedding packages begin at only $1,700, and this includes all the essentials to make your wedding a success: the wedding cake, the wedding coordinator, and a reception covering 20 guests. For lodging, you can get 3 nights for $200. And this includes all your meals and alcohol. A perfect destination wedding for a small price, right?

Check out Hotel Rui Montego Bay hereboracay beach palm trees

England – the castle wedding

For the lovebirds who love nature and are suckers for old castles, Leeds Castle in England is one of the most romantic places to get married. It is located in Kent, just over an hour southwest of London, so you can combine your wedding with a honeymoon tour of the UK’s prettiest castles. Nicknamed “the loveliest castle in the world” (for good reason!), Leeds Castle will charm you and your wedding guests with its stunning gardens, vineyard, and plush rooms. The place looks like it walked out of a postcard!

Think fairy tale wedding and this place in the countryside of England gives the perfect backdrop. You can get truly magnificent experiences here – from having a grand ceremony in the sophisticated ballroom to enjoying vintage champagne toasts in the drawing room. And for the luxury evening banquet and dancing, the King Henry VIII 13th century banquet hall is at your service.

If your dream is to get married in a castle, here are 12 more castles where you can have your own royal wedding.

Check out Leeds Castle here

Scottish Castle

Mexico – the beach wedding

If you dream of a destination wedding on a picturesque beach, you can’t find a more perfect place than the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal Resort! Located on Mexico’s west coast in Baja California, this resort has a secluded beach. The atmosphere is dreamy and romantic thanks to ethereal cliffs and golden sunsets, infusing romance, drama and glow.

Have the ceremony on the ocean terraces of the resort, or the beach itself. And take your reception to the open-air restaurant El Farallon for a stunning fine dining experience, beautifully carved into the cliffs and overlooking the Pacific.

Check out Waldorf Astoria Pedregal Resort here sayulita sunset sky mexico

Italy – the glitzy wedding

You have a grand wedding in mind? Kind of like the glamorous destination weddings you read about in your favorite gossip magazine? Nowhere “grander” than the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Italy. Located at Lake Como, this is a surefire luxury stop for celebrity weddings.

Have the grand ceremony at the 17th-century villa Carlotta, or the lake front garden. Swing by La Terrazza for a candlelit dinner, then drink and dance the night away at L’Escale bar. Grand Hotel Tremezzo can host around 100 guests and accommodate up to 60 guests at the hotel (but there are other – cheaper – hotels nearby).

Check out Grand Hotel Tremezzo here

Destination Wedding Ideas

New Zealand – the most remote destination wedding

Do you want to go as far away as possible to get hitched? Then fly halfway around the world to Helena Bay Lodge, a lodge in a remote bay in the far north of New Zealand’s North Island. This spot gives you the most intimate and romantic wedding getaway you can think of, and if you live in the U.S., it’s one of the farthest away destination wedding places you can possibly find.

Helena Bay Lodge is what boutique hotel postcards are made of. It has a private coastline and is secluded in a 750-acre woodland. With a distance of one hour to the nearest town, it gives you the feeling that you’re getting married at the end of the world.

The boutique hotel has only five villas which can accommodate 10 guests at a time. If the weather is good, you can have your reception on the beach. The seclusion, serenity, and number of guests allowed make Helena Lodge Bay the perfect spot for intimate and small destination weddings.

Check out Helena Bay Lodge hereDestination Wedding Ideas

Have you found your perfect place for your destination wedding?

Continue reading: Five tips to make sure your destination wedding is a success

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Destination Honolulu – Where to Stay, Eat & Explore on The Cheap Side


Planning to visit Honolulu? Let me help you plan your trip: in my Honolulu travel guide, you’ll find the best things to do in Honolulu, where to stay in Honolulu, and where to eat when you visit Honolulu.

I am also sharing a few tips and tricks to staying on budget while still having the holiday of your dreams in Honolulu:

Honolulu Travel Guide: What to do, where to stay and where to eat

honolulu travel guide

What to do in Honolulu

These are the five things you have to do when you visit Honolulu:

    • Spend a day at iconic Waikiki Beach
    • Learn about history at Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the USS Arizona
    • Hike up to Diamond Head, the volcanic tuff cone southeast of Honolulu
    • Visit the beaches near Makapu’u Point in Eastern Honolulu, incl Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach and Makapu’u Beach
    • Hike the Coco Krater Trail (it’s only two miles, but be warned, there are over 1,000 steps)

For more ideas what to do on Oahu and if you want to go beyond Honolulu, check out the 7 best day trips from Honolulu.

Where to Stay in Honolulu

There are plenty of hotels and Airbnb’s in Honolulu, but doing some research pays off: some of the properties near Waikiki Beach are old and outdated. I highly recommend reading some recent reviews before booking a hotel or Airbnb. There are too many great hotels to list in my Honolulu travel guide, but here are some of the most popular hotels in Honolulu:

The best mid-range hotels in Honolulu:

The best luxury hotels in Honolulu:

honolulu travel guide

Here are a few key factors to look for when looking for accommodation:

  • Hotels: Yes, you can stay at a luxury hotel, or resort, for cheap! Depending upon whether you book with a coupon, the time of year you make your reservations, or even booking a package deal. There are lots of ways to stay in a first class hotel without having to pay a first class bill.
  • Vacation rentals: Using websites and apps like AirBnB, you can find homes, rooms, or apartments to stay in while you’re in Honolulu. You can find amazing places with low price tags. If you don’t have an Airbnb account yet, use my referral code to sign up and get up to $40 off your first booking!
  • Hostels: A great way to save money is to stay in a hostel. If shared rooms don’t bother you, you’ll save a lot of money if you opt to stay in a hostel, which are around $30 a night (in a shared dorm room).


How Should We Travel To Honolulu

There are options for cheap travel everywhere you look – look for cheap flights on your favorite flight search comparison websites, and make sure to consult more than just one. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, play around with dates, as well. Sometimes leaving a day or two earlier / later can make a difference of a few hundred dollars in ticket prices.  JustFly is an example for a website that offers cheap flights.

The same goes for car rentals – get a quote from your favorite rental company, but also check car rental companies for their best offers. I wrote in detail about how to save money on car rentals with Autoslash, a website that helps you find the best deals on rental cars. If you just want to visit Honolulu, renting a car isn’t necessary, but if you want to see more of Oahu, definitely rent a car.

Hawaiian Airlines

Where To Eat In Honolulu

A Honolulu travel guide wouldn’t be complete without some restaurant recommendations. The restaurants listed below include some low-budget options and a couple of splurges, and everything from breakfast to dining.

Some of the best restaurants in Honolulu are:

  • Merriman’s (1108 Auahi St #170) – great for seafood, oysters and cocktails
  • Liliha Bakery (580 N Nimitz Hwy) – for their famous Hawaiian cream puffs and for diner-style breakfast
  • Mitsu-Ken (2300 N King St) – for bento boxes
  • The Pig And The Lady (83 N King St) – amazing Vietnamese food
  • Halekulani Bakery & Restaurant (2233 Helumoa Road) – divine pastries and baked goods
  • Alan Wong’s (1857 S King St, Honolulu) – for upscale seafood
  • Koko Head Cafe (1145 12th Ave C) – popular brunch spot run by celebrity chef Lee Anne Wong, famous for breakfast udon, congee & other Pan-Asian eats
  • Keiki and the Pineapple (909 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite B) – delicious breakfast & brunch
  • Morimoto Asia (2490 Kalakaua Ave) – table-side Asian fusion, sushi & dim sum
  • Helena’s Hawaiian Food (1240 N School St) – home-style Hawaiian cooking

Here are a few tips on saving money at restaurants when you visit Honolulu:

  • Early Bird Specials
  • Breakfast at the hotel or at your Airbnb
  • Lunch from a supermarket (picnic lunch at the beach, for example)
  • Food trucks
  • Local spots, away from heavy tourist traffic
  • Coupons and online deals (check groupon and meal deal apps)

There are lots of ways to eat on the cheap when you visit Honolulu – all you need to know is where and when to look!China Town Honolulu

Photo Credit: Title Image by markof4123 via Pixabay. All other images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Honolulu by Karen; (2) Hawaiian Airlines by Alan Light; (3) Chinatown Honolulu by Prayitno
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Beyond Miami: Exploring Florida


Nicknamed the Sunshine State, the state of Florida offers so much more than just the vibrant city of Miami. With wild nature, theme parks, excellent shopping and an abundance of seafood to enjoy, there’s plenty to occupy your time while you’re on holiday. Stay in one of the stunning villas in Florida so you can bring the whole family along to enjoy its world-famous attractions. Here are just some of the amazing activities and sights you can enjoy in Florida.

Theme parks

There’s no denying that Florida is famed mostly for its epic theme parks. Orlando is less than a four-hour drive north from Miami. Here you’ll find several famous theme parks with roller coasters, water rides and popular experiences at the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Florida. With lots of excitement, there’s plenty for the whole family to explore and enjoy while you’re here together.

wizarding world of harry potter.

Scuba diving

South of Miami in the Florida Keys is the spectacular John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Dive under the water to explore a hidden paradise. As well as colorful coral, sea creatures and fish, there are also peculiar stone statues that have sunk to the seabed. Snorkel or explore further with a scuba diving instructor. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. 

Wildlife and wild nature

Florida is also known for its wildlife, especially it’s crocodiles and alligators. One of the best places to see these creatures is in the Everglades National Parks. These sprawling wetlands are made up of several ecosystems that have the right conditions for different kinds of wildlife to thrive. Throughout the park, there are 350 species of bird as well as bottlenose dolphins, alligators, snakes and crocodiles. Take in the setting from a 65-foot observation deck or venture to ground level for walking trails and boat trips into the mangroves.   

American Alligator

Beautiful beaches

With powdery white sands, cool blue waters and water sports on offer, Florida is fringed with beautiful beaches. Anna Maria Island, on the west coast,  is stunning. Walk along the long promenade that stretches into the sea to catch a glimpse of the resident fish, dolphins and manatees. Turtles also nest here at certain times throughout the year so you could witness the magic of hatchlings running to the water for the first time.

Fantastic golf courses

Sarasota is located near Anna Maria Island and is a great place to stay if you’re in Florida to play golf. There are 20 golf courses in the area including championship courses, several driving ranges and putting greens. Palms Golf Club at Forest Lakes allows you to play a challenging set under the shade of the lush trees. At Bobby Jones Golf Club, play on 325 acres of green where lakes and bunkers add challenging features to the picturesque course.   

Destin Beach

Photo Credit: All photos used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Wizarding World Of Harry Potter by Diana Kelly; (2) Alligator by Dennis Church; (3) Destin Beach by Phanatic
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