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Last Updated on December 15, 2019

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Whether your passion for travel is brand new or you are a seasoned travel pro, you’ve come to the right place!   

dani israel national trailHere you can find a selection of the most useful articles on and some posts to get to know me better:

Travel Tips: Find out which books inspired me to travel, which things I love about Costa Rica, New York, Mexico and other places I have been.

Travel Photography: For some of my best photography work, check out the Travel Photography category and while you’re at it, why not have a look through my Polaroid of the Week series, where I post a photo which best represents my last week in travel.

dani with beer oktoberfestLGBT Travel: For a look at what it’s like as LGBT travelers on the road, check out the posts on what it was like to travel as a lesbian couple and had essentially become a half in, half out of the closet lifestyle. As gay travelers, are there times when we should go back inside the closet? And if we do go back in, how far is too far? We also covered the slightly awkward nature of checking in to hotels as a lesbian couple in this post: One bed or two

What I Wonder When I Wander – This was Jessica’s biweekly column covering a wide-range of topics related to travel and life.

Hotel Tips: Check out my Where To Stay In…. series for my favorite hotels worldwide.

Travelin’ ain’t always easy…dani death road

Life as digital nomads can sound glamorous and carefree, and to a certain extent, it really is. But there is a dark side to this lifestyle – the “near heart attack” when we think we’ve lost or misplaced something. Read our most embarrassing freak-out moment ever: Warning: Long-term travel may cause heart attacks…well, almost.

Becoming forgettable: How absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder – We are not ready to trade in this mindset-altering, life-affirming freedom that becoming nomads has given us…but we are increasingly shocked at just how forgettable this seems to have made us…This has recently become one of our top posts of all time.

dani nyc20 things we miss from home – After our first nine months on the road,  we listed some of the comforts from home that we missed the most while traveling in Central America – Read on through to the comment section, as it turns out that plenty of readers have so many of their own little things they miss from home when they travel, too, and feel free to add what you miss most when you’re traveling!

Travel Reflections…dani in arizona

Every month, I look back at the past four weeks of travel, including highs and lows, and what’s next for me. You can check out my Life Lately… posts here.

Here are some of the recap posts we published while we were still traveling as a couple, summarizing every hundred days on the road, starting at the end of April 2010. We used to take a good long look back at the last one hundred days in our Reflections posts until we reached 1000 days of travel:

For our three-year travel-versary, we shared some random travel stats, such as how many beaches we visited, how many pizzas we ate, how many housesits we did, how many photos we took and how much money we spent.dani in gila national forest

For our two-year travel anniversary we talk about how travel has become our lifestyle, plus we count our transport, countries and how many arguments we had with each other in the last 365 days!

For our first travel anniversary, we added up how many borders we crossed, how many beds we slept in, how many different modes of transport we used and voted for our top 5 places and top 5 food experiences.

Check out our twelve best posts of 2012 here!

Find me also here…

dani with dogs in la serenaTo find out more about me and the story behind, head over to our About Me section. Like’ me on Facebook where I share travel photos and travel articles I find around the web, share great travel news with me on Twitter, check out my boards on Pinterest, take a look at my photos on Instagram, or find my travel tips on FourSquare.