Polaroid of the week: The beauty of the Caribbean


Last Updated on February 22, 2021

polaroid of the week mexico 2012 the beauty of the caribbean
We have been back in Mexico for almost two months now and have realized that we are so happy here not only because we love Mexico. After traveling to so many beaches around the world, we now know we prefer the Caribbean: its crystal clear Caribbean water, non-existent waves and soft, white sand.

Of course we find beaches that we love in other places, like on Koh Rong in Cambodia or Samara in Costa Rica, but the Caribbean combines true beauty and utter relaxation in a way that we just can’t resist. And even though we’re leaving this beautiful patch of Mexican playa next week, I am sure it won’t be long until we’re back on the Caribbean sea.

Where is your favorite beach in the world?

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    1. You think, Laura? 🙂 It is actually a really gorgeous beach but I might even like Akumal, a bit north of here, better. I am still surprised how much we liked the beaches in Cambodia – I think I would even rather go back to Cambodia for some beach time than to Thailand!

  1. Oh, this pic just got be excited about my upcoming trip to Belize – even though the beaches there don’t look quite that great in the posts that I find. Already went through your blog and found some posts on it too (ATM, Caulker Caye). Fun, fun, fun! I think we’ll skip ATM this time (it kind of scares me and we don’t have much time in the area, so we might go cave tubing or canoeing instead).

    1. Oh, you’re going to Belize, how awesome! We had such a good time there – I hope you’ll enjoy it, too! Caye Caulker was such a cool little place. That beach in the polaroid is actually only 20 miles north of Belize.. But you are right, the beaches there didn’t blow us away – however, the snorkeling was the best of our life – make sure to take a snorkeling trip from Caye Caulker, it’s worth it! Manatees, turtles, sharks, sting rays… loved it!

      1. Only 20 miles? Wow! I’m really excited about the snorkelig and possibly going scuba diving as well in Belize. I’ve never seen manatees, so that would be amazing! We’re staying on Caye Ambergris since we found a great B&B deal there and can fly directly to San Pedro from Belmopan instead of having to take the water taxi, but from what I understand trips from both islands go to the same reefs. Manatees, here I come 🙂 Fingers crossed!

        1. Yes, that’s right Sabrina, the snorkeling tours visit the same spots. It’s amazing how many sting rays we saw (and touched!) and all the other sea life. We did enjoy Ambergris Caye as well but loved how tiny Caye Caulker was.. basically only one road 🙂 Enjoy Belize!!

          1. I’m getting so excited for the trip 🙂 Regarding the stingrays Marco and I actually were a little worried… I’ve seen many rays in the Red Sea, but always kept a safe distance because of the stingers they have. Is that not a problem in Belize? Different species maybe? Or do people just not worry?

            1. We were so worried. There are actually two snorkeling places called ‘shark ray alley’… as the name indicates, there are lots of sharks and sting rays. The first one we went to was not so bad -there were maybe ten of them, and you could jump in the water without jumping on them – the snorkeling guides are very good and as long as they swim way above the ground, the won’t sting you. But the second ‘shark ray alley’ we went to on a different tour was south of Caye Caulker and the water was very shallow (about 1.50m) and as soon as the boat stopped, dozens of sting rays swam around the boat!! We were all pretty nervous about getting in the water but they just continued to swim around us. We have never heard about anyone getting stung by a sting ray down there though – I am happy to hear though that we aren’t the only ones who are nervous about them 😀 Looking forward to reading about your trip on your site!

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