Polaroid of the week: Mexican Tacos in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Last Updated on February 3, 2021

polaroid of the week mexico 2012 tacosAs soon as we arrived in Playa del Carmen, our first stop was the row of taco shops on 10th Avenue. We used to eat here on the cheap when we spent a month in Playa del Carmen two years ago. Just a block away from the tourist restaurants of Playa’s thoroughfare, the famous 5th Avenue, are a couple of authentic little hole-in-the-wall spots that serve no-frills tacos, sopes and quesadillas, tortas and other Mexican fare. (We  rave about Mexican street food here).

So if you find yourself in Playa del Carmen and don’t want to eat overpriced pizza or Burger King on 5th Avenue, head one block over to 10th between 8th and 10th Streets for fast, spicy, cheap eats.


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    1. Mexico is definitely a place where we sometimes wish we weren’t vegetarians – the Tacos al pastor for example always look amazing and people love the seafood! Luckily we’ve always been able to find great veggie options everywhere.

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