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Last Updated on September 6, 2012 by Jess

polaroid of the week mexico 2012 geckoWe may not have had many neighbors around in our remote little beach house, we had plenty of roommates. Dozens of geckos of all sizes were always wiggling around our walls, helping to rid it of mosquitoes and other little bugs. Jess loved the little tiny babies – not even an inch in length – that just recently joined the house party, but this green little gecko was our favorite – he loved hanging out around us and watching us while we were cooking, reading or having dinner. He also was very photogenic and instead of running away when we got to close, he seemed to enjoy posing for the camera.

This morning we said goodbye to him and all the other geckos and of course our beautiful dog and left the beach house. One last time we drove down the dirt road that leads to the remote little paradise that we called home for the last two months, watching the sun rise in the rear view mirror. Even though we are excited to return to Mexico City tonight, we are very sad to be leaving the Costa Maya – there’s no doubt though that we will be back.

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  1. Sorry we missed you when you where here in our little town of Xcalak

    Hope to meet you both soon
    Linda and Marla
    Leaky palapa restaurant

    1. Hi Linda, we had heard so many good things about The Leaky Palapa and were disappointed to find out that you were closed for the summer when we arrived in Xcalak. We will definitely be back though at some point, and hopefully the restaurant will be open then!! (We stopped by the restaurant one day but decided against interrupting your summer vacation… was nice to see the big flag though, even in the most remote part of Mexico 😉 )

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