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polaroid of the week mexico 2012 digital nomads at workAs our time at the beach house starts to wind down, we thought we’d share a Polaroid of us working down at the water – the internet reaches all the way to the shore! We originally shared this photo on The Wireless Generation Facebook page. Our friends and fellow digital nomads Christine and Drew Gilbert are just a few weeks short of finishing their full length documentary about this generation of wireless workers, making our way around the globe and working from wherever there is a wi-fi internet connection.

The film, which has been over two years in the making, features 18 digital nomads who packed up their lives to live remotely and see the world and has been gaining popularity across the web. It is fascinating to see how many people are involved in this movement, doing what we do, and how many jobs can actually be done from anywhere in the world. We have to admit that the gorgeous views from our current office make it a challenge to stay focused on work and maintain the self-discipline that is necessary to be a successful digital nomad…

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  1. I really hope these guys get funded! I’m a backer. : ) I would love for more people to see and experience this lifestyle. I’ve been traveling non-stop and working online since 2008 and I recommend it to everyone!

    1. Hi Conny, happy to connect with another digital nomad 🙂 We really hope that they reach their $$$ goal, too – we loved the idea of the documentary from the beginning and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Sounds like a great premise for a documentary. Viewers would be hooked by the glamour of it, I’m imagining like all good documentaries it shows the ups and downs, the reality of the lifestyle.

    I’m so easily distracted, having my work area at a lush beach is a recipe for zero work accomplished. I admire your discipline and awesomeness.

    1. It will definitely be a fantastic documentary – keep an eye out for it next year! It is pretty hard sometimes not to get distracted from our surroundings but I think we have gotten better.. because we know that if we don’t get our work done, we won’t be able to continue this lifestyle 🙂

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