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Hi there! We are Dani and Jess, the German-American couple behind GlobetrotterGirls.com.The Globetrottergirls

Our passion for travel is a thirst that can not be quenched by just a few holidays a year. That’s why, in the middle of a long, gray British winter in January 2010, we decided to break free and fly to Las Vegas on the first leg of what we thought would be a year-long trip around the world.

We didn’t have much in the way of savings and had limited experience with long-term travel. Jess was working as a copywriter / ‘content creator’ and Dani was a recruitment consultant in the financial sector. Our plan was to take our jobs on the road and see where it all would lead.

Before we met each other, back in Germany in 2006, we had both lived abroad for years: Jess in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Germany and England; Dani in Austria, Spain and England. (Read the whole story of how we met here).

But until she met Jess, Dani used to be one of those people with a giant suitcase. If she was going on holiday for 14 days, she had 14 outfits and almost that many pairs of shoes. Since she was 20, Jess pretty much always lived out of a backpack, but was never a long-term traveler. Instead, she was a serial expat who moved to new places, found work, made friends and stayed relatively put.

dani on the brooklyn bridge1After we got together, Dani slowly took on the need for less ‘stuff’ and Jess took on a much bigger thirst for life and exploration. After living in England for four years together, we finally broke free in 2010, and today we pour every ounce of passion for independent travel into GlobetrotterGirls.com.

We’ve been traveling non-stop since the end of April 2010 – the same time we started this website. As GlobetrotterGirls, we’ve traveled throughout North America, Europe, India, South East Asia, Mexico, Central America and South America. We have climbed volcanoes, swum with sharks, gone caving deep into sacred Mayan caves, spent time with Buddhist monks, hiked in Patagonia and lived in some of the world’s most exciting cities.

In the next 12 months we’ll continue through South America, stay for longer periods in the U.S. and Europe and may finally make it to Africa later in the year.jess in mauerpark berlin

With absolutely no home base to speak of, we combine months of rapid travel with longer stays living as locals in places around the world. Sometimes, we research hotels and hostels like crazy before settling on one, other times we wing it once we get into town. In cities like Berlin or Buenos Aires, we rent vacation apartments for five or six weeks at a time, but our favorite long-term option is housesitting. We have done that more than 15 times across four continents in the last 3.5 years and talk about it here, and we even wrote a book about it. We love to adapt to the local lifestyle and develop habits in each place, whether that means finding a regular bakery to visit in the morning, stopping at our favorite market or meeting with local friends we meet in the evenings, long-term travel means having the opportunity to experiencing what life is really like in each place we visit.

Our mission is to inspire curiosity about the world and provide the tips and tools to help you see as much of the world as you can for yourself.

We do this through all of our different posts, articles, our book and our podcast. At its core, however, GlobetrotterGirls.com remains the first-hand account of two Girls exploring the world.

We know not everyone wants to be nomadic like we are, which is why this site is for Globetrotters at heart – independent travelers who are curious about the world around them.

We believe that travel is a state of mind, requiring only curiosity and exploration wherever you are.

On a two week vacation, you don’t hide away in a resort, and the thought of never seeing what’s beyond it is suffocating. You’re the one booking tours out every day or even hopping the local bus to head into town and eat at a hole in the wall and soak up local life wherever you are.

dani and jess torres del paineWhen you consider buying an expensive item, do you first have to calculate how many nights in [insert your favorite travel destination] it would cost just to buy it?

Have you ever hopped on a bus in your own city and just taken it to last stop, to see where it goes and what it looks like out there? Or have you had three days free and rather than taken a much-needed rest, you booked a last minute trip instead?

If you’re like us, you travel independently, researching and making plans on your own based on reviews and recommendations, and travel according to your own taste.

We do exactly the same thing, which is why we strive to make GlobetrotterGirls.com your go-to travel resource you can trust, from inspirational articles like

to practical facts like

and the mistakes we have made along the way.

What you find on Globetrottergirls.com:

We share travel stories related to what it’s like to be a gay or lesbian traveler, and also publish guest posts by fellow LGBT travelers who share their travel stories and experiences as well: LGBT posts on Globetrottergirls.com.

Things We love about… This series sees us list, in no particular order, things we have loved about each country or city. Places where we spend a long time have thirty three things, and for places we spend less time in, we choose one thing for each day we are in the country.

We are hotel enthusiasts and have stayed in over 300 hotels through to today and give shout outs to our favorites in our Hotel Tip Of The Week series.

polaroid for the week costa rica 2012 sunsetDani regularly puts together photo essays of places we love and also publishes a Polaroid of the Week every Thursday.

Our She Said, She Said series is a space to share our own interpretation of certain experiences we don’t see eye to eye on and Jess writes a What I Wonder When I Wander column to express her more philosophical observations about travel.

The Go Beyond series covers what is just beyond the tourist attractions in popular travel destinations, while Please Don’t Go is a series where we ask you, quite seriously (but also not seriously at all), NOT to go to certain destinations that are so precious we don’t ever want to see them overrun with tourists.

Starting in 2013, our GlobetrotterGirl of the Month interview series highlights women who successfully incorporate travel into their work lives. The Break Free Podcast, available on iTunes, goes one step further, encouraging women to forget the glass ceiling and break down the walls, instead. In each Break Free session, we talk to one successful globetrotting woman who is location independent and runs her own business from anywhere in the world – living life entirely on her own terms.

Looking to plan your Escape Route? We run a full travel planning service, too, so you can leverage our travel experience to help you plan your perfect escape. Find out more about that here.dani and jess

When we look back on life we know we won’t regret the risks we took and things we did, but all those things we did not do. We live by the motto “One Globe. No Regrets” as a reminder, everyday, to follow our passion for travel, wherever it may lead.

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