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Street Art in Valencia, Spain

Last Updated on September 6, 2011



As passionate street art fans, Valencia is something similar to our Mecca. The Spanish city is teeming with unique graffiti and murals, which makes for fascinating sightseeing throughout local neighborhoods!
valencia street art faceBarrio Carmen in the historic center is a neighborhood filled with quirky bars, shops and restaurants, along with some terrific street art:
valencia street art
valencia street art headless
valencia street artNot only walls are used as a canvas – doors, roller shutters of the shops – any flat service really:
Valencia street art skull
Shop Art valenciaValencia is bursting with talented urban artists, whose paintings are so good they almost look like photographs or computer graphics:
valencia street art parachutes
valencia street art wall
valencia street art cornerWe also spotted pieces a la Banksy, in the form of stencil sketches:
Valencia street art girl
Valencia street art paintingHow about this spot-on Lisa Simpson piece – listen to Lisa and stop eating meat!
valencia street art lisa simpson
valencia street art lisa simpson save animals

Click through our complete Valencia Street Art album for more incredible works of art:

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”Globetrottergirls” id=”72157627389672827″].

Are you a fan of street art? What’s your favorite city for street art?


Friday 2nd of October 2015

Coming back to Escif and Blu, the two impressive murals to see are located on Plaça de Tossal in the heart of El Carmen, the one on the left is from Escif, the one on the right showing Moses is from the hands of the Italian street artist Blu.


Monday 28th of September 2015

And I forgot to talk about Pichi & Avo, two great Valencian artists. Since 2014 their art is about Greek Mythology.


Monday 28th of September 2015

Nice memories! For Valencia, I suggest Escif with his stop motion falling car and Blu with his Moses, together on a place (I forgot the name...) my favorites!

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Tuesday 19th of August 2014

[…] like about other cities of a similar size. Being right on the Mediterranean coast and having some excellent street art doesn’t hurt […]

For 91 Days Travel Blog

Wednesday 31st of August 2011

Tons of new street art. We haven't wondered around Carmen yet much. But eager to see the new art for ourselves. Great work!


Thursday 1st of September 2011

Thanks guys! I guess many of the pieces that we saw aren't there anymore now, replaced by new graffiti :) Enjoy being 'home' for a while, it must be good after such a long time in South America!!