Polaroid of the week: The hand-painted street signs of Madrid, Spain

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Last Updated on April 28, 2014

.polaroid of the week spain madrid street sign calle del rioThe historic center of Madrid has some of the most beautiful street signs we’ve come across on our travels. The signs are usually set together from nine or twelve hand-painted ceramic tiles with pictures related to the name of the street.

These public works of art range from animals like eagles and bulls, important historical townspeople like mayors, carpenters or nuns and the Calle del Rio, or street of the river (above) is illustrated by an idyllic lazy river. This is just one of those little details about Madrid we loved during our recent visit!

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  1. Hand painted ceramics are all over Seville: balustrades, pictures on restaurants, street signs, tiled walls. I love the color of Seville.

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