Polaroid of the week: Street Art in Seville, Spain

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Last Updated on May 25, 2011



Just this week we finalized travel plans for our second trip to Seville. During our first visit in 2009, the southern Spanish city of Seville easily became our favorite  in the country. We were immediately drawn to the vibe –  a combination of typical Spanish features such as fabulous tapas bars, wine and flamenco dance but also a vibrant young art scene – including a large wall by the river filled with some of the most creative street art we’ve seen anywhere. We can’t wait for our return to Seville to explore more of the town! I

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    1. Thanks Ekua! It’s an awesome piece of street art. Can’t wait to see if it’s still there when we go back to Seville next month.

    1. We are both huge fans of street art, too… every time a new Banksy was spotted in London, we went there right away. But good street art from less known artists is just as enjoyable.

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