Great American Road Trip – The Carolinas: From Charlotte to Charleston

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Last Updated on January 12, 2012



Phew… Road-trippin’ is hard work! Between the massive detours to avoid Hurricane Irene and driving through severe thunderstorm warnings two days later, it’s been a crazy couple of days on the road, but we’ve also been having an amazing time. We spent yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina exploring the downtown, the adorable NoDa area and driving through the gorgeous mansion and tree-lined boulevards of Dilworth. We especially loved the great outdoor sculptures downtown.

skull sculpture charlotte downtown

We met Andi of My Beautiful Adventures for a late lunch, and had such a good time! This road trip, and indeed the majority of our life on the road, has been about as much about Who we meet as Where we go and this was no exception. We’ve communicated online back and forth for the last year on Twitter, Facebook and our sites, but when we finally sat down a major girly chat took place and we all really regretted not having more time (and bottles of wine!). Instead, it was back in the car and on to Charleston, South Carolina.

Charlotte road signs

A three hour trip turned in to a nearly six hour adventure, thanks to a severe thunderstorm in the area. At one point, the wall of water pouring down reminded us of our recent trip to Niagara, and instead of staying on the side of the road we actually excited and took shelter in a McDonalds in Columbia, the state capital. Back on the road after an hour, we continued through the storm and had an easy last 60 miles to Charleston.

charleston mansion entrance

What a city! Downtown historic Charleston oozes with charm and is remarkably different than anywhere in th U.S. we have visited so far. The hot and humid weather, the clapboard houses and palm trees reminded us at times of Belize, other times the cobblestone streets and colorful rows of mansions looked like Casco Viejo in Panama City, Panama.

charleston ornaments

At no time could we compare this city with anywhere else in the U.S., though tomorrow night we will head to Savannah, and have heard many comparisons between these two southern cities from our readers.

charleston king streetWe would like to say a special thanks to Explore Charleston for providing excellent sightseeing passes for us to maximize our time in the city.


    1. Caroline – we really wish we had more time there, a road trip just goes so fast! We made the most of our two days in Charleston but it wasn’t enough at all. What a gorgeous little town 🙂

    1. Yes, there was a big storm heading straight East, just like we did… we made it through it though & once we got to Charleston, there was no sign of bad weather 🙂 Loved this little town, you are so lucky to have studied there… a great place to go to college!

    1. Erica, you guys need to go East!! There’s so much to explore and all places are so different from each other. You’d love Asheville, I think – huge (tattoo) art scene!

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