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Polaroid of the week: Lazy beach day in Cambodia

Polaroid of the week: Lazy beach day in Cambodia

Last Updated on February 19, 2021

polaroid of the week cambodia sihanoukville sokha beachI spent the majority of the past week on the beaches of Cambodia. After enduring the relentless heat that takes over Cambodia in March (and even increases in April), it was time to finally hit the coast. And it was the perfect way to enjoy the last few days in one of my favorite countries in the world as my time in Cambodia was coming to an end already.

During my whirlwind tour of Cambodia, I was happy to discover that the people were still just as friendly as I had remembered them, the food was still as delicious, and the beaches were just as gorgeous as I recalled them. Otres Beach remains my favorite, and I didn’t spend much time in Sihanoukville (I did spend long enough there to check out Shoka Beach, pictured above), and rented a bungalow in Otres, about five kilometers outside of town.

The most active thing I did this week were long walks along the beach, the rest of the time was spent lazing in sun chairs, either writing or reading my book (first time in months that I am indulging in the luxury of reading! I missed it so much, and I couldn’t be happier now that I seem to manage my time better) – and simply enjoying being by the ocean. And I don’t think there’s anything better than a daily sunset ritual that involves $0.75 beers and chill out music in the background.

Cambodia, it’s been great seeing you again and I am already looking forward to my next visit!


Monday 30th of March 2015

Nice way to spend the end of a vacation. .75 beers that is unheard of. I'll be traveling to Cambodia hopefully Aug-Sept ish time frame.


Tuesday 7th of April 2015

De'Jav - and I didn't even go to the cheap places that offered the $0.50 beers! ;-)


Sunday 29th of March 2015

Somehow I've never made it to Otres Beach, but I keep hearing such great things. I will have to go next time I'm in Cambodia. I do miss the cheap beach beers in Cambodia. In Jakarta beers are way too expensive! Stupid sin tax...


Tuesday 7th of April 2015

Justine - You'll have to make it there next time! I will be writing about Otres a little more shortly - the beach might actually disappear... parts of it were completely gone due to erosion.