Polaroid of the week: We found it! Paradise in Cambodia


Last Updated on February 22, 2021 by Dani

polaroid of the week cambodia koh rong long beachHow hard would you work to spend the day on 7km stretch of almost completely deserted white sand beach?

We were looking for it in Thailand, almost found it in Malaysia, but it is in Cambodia where we finally found our ultimate South East Asian beach: miles and miles of white sand, ankle-high crystal clear water 100 feet out from shore and barely a soul in sight.

The beach, located on Koh Rong, a small island two hours off the coast of Cambodia, was empty for one reason. To get there requires an hour of semi-strenuous hiking in raging April heat. The last stretch included scrambling up and down 75meters of nearly vertical descent, clinging to a (who-knows-how-old) rope. All the swearing, complaining, tripping, falling and profuse sweating was forgotten within seconds of being on the beach.

Recognizing that we had finally found ‘our beach’, the challenge seemed totally worth it, even when we made the slog back up and over the mountain to return to our guesthouse on the other side of the island that night.

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    1. It seriously was like paradise! Apparently some big developers have an eye on Koh Rong and plan to build several resorts, a casino and even an international airport… so who knows how much longer this place will be the paradise it was when we went there last week..

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    1. Thanks so much, Oliver! Sri Lanka is high on our list of places to visit – we are not sure when we’ll make it there but we’re looking forward to exploring your country. We’ll be in touch for sure as soon as we know when we’ll make it to Sri Lanka 🙂

  2. Oh I need more details about this beach… it’s these types of beaches I love and know I can spend ages on. Great shot & thanks for sharing.

    1. You’d love this beach – if you’re not too lonely there! There is literally nobody, even though there are some bungalows on one end of the beach. I think you’d have a great time staying there for a few days, but there is no internet on the island 😀

    1. Thanks, Rease! It was one of the most pristine beaches we’ve ever been to – hope we’ll be able to return to Cambodia and explore some of the other islands down there!

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  4. I hauled myself across that same path and saw that same stunning beach. Absolutely stunning, like nothing I had ever seen before! I’m so glad you both got to see it as well.

    There was only one downside to this parade… sand flies! Did you guys get bitten as well?

    1. Yes, I think they got us!! I had over 50 bites on my legs. We didn’t feel them bite though in the moment we were there – However, I am still not sure if they were sand fly bites or other bug bites, because somebody told us sand flies wouldn’t come out until dusk. Oh well, it was a gorgeous beach nonetheless 🙂 We couldn’t make ourselves do the hike again the next though.

  5. Hi! We are in kampot right now and are planning to go to ko rong the next couple weeks. Whats the name of the beach? It looks amazing!!!!

    1. Hi Sandi, how awesome! Hope you’ll enjoy Koh Rong as much as we did. The beach is just called Long Beach. It’s on the other side of the island (the opposite side from where the ferry arrives) and there is a marked path to the beach – it takes about an hour and it’s a strenuous hike, but well worth it! 🙂

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