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Polaroid of the week: Polaroids of Berlin

Polaroid of the week: Polaroids of Berlin

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

polaroid of the week germany berlin polaroid magnetsOn a walk through our Kreuzberg neighborhood, we stumbled upon a shop that sold Polaroid Berlin fridge magnets. This stopped us in our tracks and made us think…what a great idea to put together some of our favorite Polaroids Of The Week.

Did you know this is the 167th Polaroid we’re posting here? That is 14 annual calendars, filled with beautiful, quirky, creative travel Polaroids! It also means that we have been traveling for a really long time, and we estimate there will be at least 100 more Polaroids to come.

Now the question goes out to you – what do you think we should do with our Polaroids that would inspire people to travel? Should we make fridge magnets? Some sort of weekly calendar planner? A book?


Thursday 29th of August 2013

Hi Guys,

We are happy you like our magnets. We´ve been making them for over 4 years and unlike most souvenir companies who import from China.. they are 100% hand-made in Berlin.

We wish you a good trip!

- Magnet Team


Friday 5th of July 2013

As for what you could do with them on the site, I'd love to see a slideshow or a map of the world with all your Polaroids marked on it by where they were taken. A book would be lovely...if I had a home to keep it in!


Wednesday 10th of July 2013

Thanks Sam, that's a great suggestion. We'll see how we can incorporate that in our upcoming re-design :) We'll probably make a photo book of all our Polaroids for our couch table one day... as soon as we're settling somewhere :-) Then we can browse in it together and reminisce about our travels, when you guys come visit us :D