Polaroid of the week: A beach day in sunny Brighton

Polaroid of the week

Last Updated on February 23, 2021

polaroid of the week england brighton beachAfter leaving New York heartbroken last week, I arrived in the UK on a cold and rainy 55°F /13°C morning – a bone-chilling shock to my system after leaving New York the day before in 100° /38°C temperatures. I was afraid my highly anticipated long weekend in Brighton might get rained out – including the Pride Parade I was so looking forward to.

But the weather gods were on my side and by the time I took the train down to Brighton, the sun had come out and it had warmed up again. As soon as I arrived, I made my way to the beach to enjoy the blue skies while they lasted and for some fun on Brighton’s famous pier. It seemed like all of Brighton had the same idea and the pebble beach was packed with families, young couples and summer exchange students. Everyone was so happy and relaxed, and a lot of LGBT folks had arrived early for Pride weekend, which made me look forward to a fun-filled weekend. I was not only excited for Pride, but also to rediscover the city I used to visit regularly when I lived in England, and to see how it had changed in the six years I hadn’t been there (and how Pride had evolved since I last went there nearly a decade ago!).

I couldn’t have chosen a better weekend to rekindle my long lasting love affair with the famous English seaside town that had started exactly ten years ago – I was blessed with perfect summer weather the entire five days I was in town; Brighton Pride turned out to be the best Pride Festival I’d been to in years, and I can’t wait to share more photos of the colorful parade and some ideas on how to spend a few days in Brighton with you.

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  1. I am currently sitting and melting on almost 40 degrees celsius.

    I never thought I will miss autumn and British weaher.

    Would love to see Brighton.


    1. Neno – yes, the heatwave in Europe is definitely back! But I love hot weather, so no complaints here and NO I sure don’t miss British weather, at least not the frequent rain. No complaints about the mild winters though 😉

  2. Ah yes, the weather gods! Don’t you just love it when they tilt in your favor? I spent a rather hellish time in Bristol last year, you never know with that UK weather.

    1. I sure do, Collin! And as you say – you never know with British weather, so I was ecstatic when it turned out to be such a glorious weekend!

  3. Dany,

    You know what, after this heatwave in Europe this summer I can not wait for some rain.

    Actually I long for autumn.

    At least I will be able to sleep again.


    1. Lol, everybody’s complaining about how hot it is. This heat loving Globetrottergirl is clearly an exception 😉

    1. I was debating moving to Brighton when I still lived in the UK! But London was just too amazing to leave it 😀

    1. How have you not been to Brighton yet?! Danielle, you gotta go! It’s a perfect weekend getaway from Essex 😀

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