Polaroid of the week: Monks receiving their morning alms in Battambang, Cambodia

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polaroid of the week cambodia battambang monks receiving almsAs we leave South East Asia today, we are thinking about what we will miss: the delicious food of course, our daily coconuts, seeing entire families passing us on a motorbike, cheap beer and cocktails, the glorious sunsets over the ocean and the rivers, the buzzing night markets, life-threatening tuktuk rides, the smiles of the children, being surrounded by rice paddies, the beautiful golden Buddha statues and last but not least, the friendly Buddhist monks. We have seen them in Laos, in Thailand, and in Cambodia, and they have made several appearances on this site – the sight of a monk in a bright saffron robe always put a smile on our faces. Many times they would strike up a conversation with us, eager to practice their English or just show us around their temple.

In many places we visited we witnessed the alms-giving ceremony which occurs every morning in all Buddhist countries. The monks make their rounds through town, asking for alms at shops, restaurants and private homes. Buddhists believe that it brings good luck to pay respect to the monks by giving them food and put rice, fruit or vegetables in the alms bowls that the monks carry with them. In return, the monks chant a prayer and blesses the people who give the alms.

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  1. The alms ceremony in this place seems more authentic than in Luang Prabang. What do you guys think? I didn’t know they observed the ceremony in all these countries. Just learn a new thing today.

    1. Ruth – totally agree, MUCH more authentic here than in Luang Prabang. Actually, it’s not even an ‘official ceremony’, it’s just what the monks do every day and they are not harassed by any tourists at all. We didn’t even know that the monks did it here too, we randomly stumbled upon it on our first day in town during breakfast. Loved watching it with no other tourists around – in Luang Prabang it felt so wrong with soooo many people who came to watch it and to take pictures.

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