Polaroid of the week: Street Food Stall in Patong, Phuket

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Last Updated on November 17, 2011



polaroid of the week thailand phuket night market

What did we ‘miss’ most while traveling through Canada and the U.S. this summer? Street food, without hesitation. Central America and especially Mexico have such great food stalls and markets. The only thing similar in most places are the fancy food trucks now populating our North American cities. But while this is food, served on the street, its not the same as grabbing some local grub and pulling up a plastic stool to munch it down with the locals.

For Street Food Junkies like us, Thailand is practically a food Mecca. While the sun is shining, food vendors can be found in markets and just on the side of the road at all times of day. As soon as the sun sets, the streets are practically converted into open air kitchens, packed with food stalls serving up the freshest of ingredients. Whether you’re looking for one of the meat-on-a-stick variations, pad thai, curry or desserts we feel like we just can’t go wrong here! While in Phuket, we hunted down our street food at the night market and came home with two fresh salads (which we built ourselves) spring rolls, sushi, pad thai, a banana smoothie and two coffees – for a total of $6!

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    1. You’re so right, Alycia – it’s hard not to pick up a little snack every time we walk down the street 😉 I have a particularly hard time with the Thai pancakes (Roti)… could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 😀

  1. When I was in Thailand I was training Muay Thai in Phuket @ Tiger Muay Thai. I remember one of my trainers had some grilled meat strips in a bag one night. It tasted very ‘unique’. I asked him what kind of meat it was and he said that, “he didn’t know how to say in English”. I think I was setup 😉

    1. Mmmmh, that would be one of the times when we’re happy to be vegetarians 🙂 We heard interesting stories about the kinds of meat that find their way into a stew in Vietnam.

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