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Polaroid of the week: Manhattan Sunset from the East River Beach

Polaroid of the week: Manhattan Sunset from the East River Beach

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

polaroid of the week new york city manhattan sunsetWhen we returned to New York last week for the third and final time this year, we were blessed with the most incredible Fall weather: temperatures rocketed into the low 70s, the skies were blue and the sun was shining all except one day.

Our fear for a November trip to New York was that freezing temps would trap us indoors (we have very few warm clothes), but instead we went on a walking food tour through hipster Williamsburg – and watched this sunset from the East River Beach there, cycled through Manhattan on Citibikes, watched the New York Marathon in colorful Central Park and checked out the ice rink in Bryant Park. Even the nights were warm – the night of the Halloween Parade was downright balmy. We were also able to catch up with friends, discover a new favorite pizza joint (Bastille Artichoke – I loved their artichoke pizza!), revisit our beloved Doughnut Plant and satisfied cravings for ethnic foods like Thai and Indian, knowing that once we got to South America for the next six months.

There was nowhere in the northern hemisphere we would have rather spent our last few days, proving to us once again that New York is one our favorite places in the world!  For now though, it’s time to enjoy Chile’s spring weather!

Kathryn Burrington (@TravelWithKat)

Saturday 9th of November 2013

I never been to the US and there are a lot of places I'd like to see but New York is top of the list. It sounds fantastic with so many different aspects to it and a walking food tour would be right up my street!


Thursday 14th of November 2013

Oh, I didn't know you haven't been to the U.S. yet, Kat! Yes, New York should definitely be high on your list- it's our favorite place in the U.S.!! Such an amazing city - I hope you'll make it there soon. (P.S. There are even FREE food walking tours - you just pay for the food you consume, but it's not expensive at all)


Thursday 7th of November 2013

Gorgeous shot. Truly!


Friday 8th of November 2013

Thanks so much, Maria! :)