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Casa de Borgoña | Where to stay in Salta, Argentina

Casa de Borgoña | Where to stay in Salta, Argentina

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

When I look back on the days we spent at Casa De Borgoña, what I remember most was the constant feeling of relief – relief at how friendly the staff was, relief that after a 20 hour bus ride from Iguazu Falls, they checked us in early and didn’t even bat an eyelash about it or let us store our bags until late the night we checked out. I felt relief at the beautiful colonial style spaces where we could work and relax and relief that even though our room was right off the lobby, noise was never an issue.

salta posada casa borgonaBy the time we reached Salta, we had traveled from Buenos Aires down to Patagonia by way of Chile, through Uruguay and all the way up to the border of Brazil to the Falls. The two of us were so road weary and exhausted that this Salta hotel had to work out – we had no energy or resources in us to search for another.
salta posada casa borgona living roomLuckily for us, Casa de Borgoña is just our kind of hotel, a colonial house with a soothing garden just off a spacious living room decorated with antique furniture that still manages to be comfortable and usable. Guests here can relax, eat, unwind, watch television. We felt at home enough here to spend a day entirely in bed recovering from our crazy travel schedule, had breakfast, ordered extra coffees, and were the guests that seemed to never leave the first couple days of our stay. And still we were greeted with smiles, friendly conversation and great food and sightseeing recommendations.

salta posada casa borgona tvEach morning, a typical Argentine breakfast of bread, jam, butter and coffee was served either in the bustling front cafe (open until 3pm daily) or out in the peaceful garden, which is what we most often opted for, surrounded by plants, fruit trees and wooden benches.

salta posada casa borgona hammock and gardenOur booking was last minute, into the least expensive room, which was two twin beds and a shared bathroom. Again we were relieved upon discovering just how clean and spacious the room was, plus we loved the furniture and decor, high ceiling and overall character. Most importantly of all, the wi-fi actually worked well throughout our five night stay. No glitches, no down time and strong enough bandwidth to catch up on Skype calls.

salta posada casa borgona bedThe cleaning crew was constantly at work, the bathrooms and shower room were completely spotless as were the other bedrooms lining the hallway to the back of the house. These rooms are more private, some have private baths as well, and we would have upgraded in a heartbeat if one was available, as the two we peeked into were oozing with the kind of colonial charm we had so desperately missed so far in South America.

salta posada casa borgona receptionThe posada is located a few blocks from the central plaza and within walking distance of all the museums, cathedrals and pedestrian walking streets that make Salta such a fun city to visit. Although the city is much larger than we originally expected – over 1 million people live in this sprawling city – we were able to walk to the central market, the cinema and up to the top of the Bernardo hill, all right from our posada.

salta posada casa borgona paintingCasa de Borgoña is not a luxury Bed and Breakfast and there is nothing opulent or ostentatious about this posada. On paper, it is just a fine hotel for those on a modest budget. But after traveling the country almost in its entirety, what we appreciated most was that everything was done just right, with the right balance of value for money, simplicity and comfort.

salta posada casa borgona breakfastIf you find yourself in Salta, Argentina and need a place to stay, Casa de Borgoña made us feel right at home and brought us back to life! Make sure to check the most current TripAdvisor and reviews for any changes and book early enough to get one of the beautiful double rooms in the back.

salta posada casa borgona flowers

Details: Posada Casa de Borgoña

Website: or check out Posada Casa De Borgona on for special discounts
Location: España 916, 4400 Salta, Argentina
Price: Double rooms start at US$40, single room US$30, twin rooms with shared bathroom start at US$35, triple rooms start at US$55.
LGBT Friendly: Yes
Digital Nomad Friendly: Good wi-fi and spacious living room to work in. Additional tables in the backyard patio.
Amenities: Breakfast included in room rates, free wi-fi, garden with hammockssalta posada casa borgona lounge


Sunday 15th of February 2015

ROOMS ARE NOT WATERPROOF. DODGY MANAGEMENT The first day it rained, my room was completely floaded and so.was my suitcase. My damaged because of the rain. So they gave me another room, smaller and with no wifi. AND they sold the previous room to new guests knowing that it would rain the followning day! During this process I could never talk to the manager. SERIOUSLY, AVOID!