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Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Dani

polaroid of the week usa new york city brooklyn street artThis past week was all about being outside! Instead of using the sticky subway, I used my Citibike most of the time to hop back and forth between Manhattan and Brooklyn, riding my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge many times, up and down Park Avenue and Broadway, or from historic Brooklyn Heights to hipster Williamsburg.

The best thing about using a bike is that you get to see so much more of the city than when you’re squeezed into a subway cart. I found myself stopping constantly to take photos – especially of all the street art that I came across. I already shared dozens of photos of the fantastic street art here in New York last summer, but there will be definitely a follow-up with all the new pieces and street art meccas I found this year (I am still not sure how we didn’t go to Bushwick last year!!).

My latest street art crushes are Icy & Sot, two Iranian brothers who are currently calling Brooklyn their home and are continuously brightening my days by bringing more and more of their colorful, thought-provoking and extremely well done stencil pieces to New York, especially the Williamsburg neighborhood, but also areas like Prospect Heights, where I spotted the piece in the picture. While this piece is on the lighter side, their artwork usually contains significant messages about political and humanitarian issues, including art that is depicting war, despair and social problems. You can check out (and buy!) more of their art on the Icy & Sot website and their Facebook Page.

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  1. I love this photo! I’m pretty obsessed with street art at the moment. I was just traveling in Bogota which had such an amazing street art scene. I love the artistic side, but I especially love pieces that make some sort of political commentary.

    1. It’s a good thing to be obsessed with, Justine. I can’t wait to get to Colombia, I saw some photos of the street art there and can’t wait to finally see it!!

        1. And?? Isn’t it amazing? 🙂 I hope you ate at Roberta’s while you where there? If not, I’d be happy to introduce you to her amazing pizza while I’m in town 😀

  2. Ha! I’ve taken that photo as well – I live in Crown Heights, and love all the random art that’s around/available. Bushwick is amazing for their street art! Have you scoped out the area around Roberta’s? (which, btw, has pretty great pizza). Hope you’re enjoying Brooklyn 🙂

    1. Mary – for some reason I saw your comment just now, must have missed it back in August.. sorry about that! I lived in Crown Heights in August, btw, and loved it there! Roberta’s is hands down my favorite neighborhood and I love combining a visit there with a little street art tour to see what’s new in Bushwick 🙂 It’s like this giant ever-changing open air gallery… I love it 😀

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