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Polaroid Of The Week: Beach day on the Jersey Shore

Polaroid Of The Week: Beach day on the Jersey Shore

Last Updated on April 13, 2021

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It’s been months now that I went to a proper beach, and so I was happy to have a visitor in town this week – the perfect excuse for a day trip to the beach! My first instinct was to try a beach I hadn’t been to yet, and people kept recommending Jones Beach and Long Beach on Long Island, but in the end a ferry special for the Sea Streak to Sandy Hook won me over and I decided to return to the Jersey Shore.

I loved Sandy Hook: A blissful beach escape from New York City last year, and while I knew I would be limited this time around since I didn’t have bikes for all of us, I knew what to expect and that we’d have a decent beach – which is not easy to find around here, especially when you’re trying to impress someone who is used to Florida’s gorgeous beaches.

40 minutes after boarding the ferry near Wall Street we stepped onto the sandy shores of aptly named Sandy Hook – it doesn’t get much easier to get to a beach from NYC! – and an hour after leaving New York, we were already sunbathing. For my first beach getaway this summer, I couldn’t have chosen a better place, and I hope I’ll have time for another beach day before I leave for Europe.