Paws, whiskers and cappuccinos: Scenes from Bangkok’s Cat Cafe

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Last Updated on May 13, 2017 by Dani

Confession: I am a crazy cat lady. Even though I’ve grown to love dogs over the past few years and am now at the point where can’t see myself not having a dog once I put my backpack down and settle somewhere, I still adore cats. No matter how bitchy and grumpy and diva-ish they are, I love their distinctive cat personalities and they make me happy.bangkok cat cafe dani crazy cat ladyAnyone who has ever traveled with me will confirm that I can’t walk by a cat without petting it (I go through a lot of hand sanitizer 😉 ) and I don’t even want to know how many out of the over 100,000 photos I’ve taken in the past five years of travel feature cats. Places like Malaysia, Turkey, Italy or Buenos Aires, where there are a lot of cats around, make me happy. All I wanted for my birthday in Argentina a few years back was spending time in the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires, which is home to dozens of stray cats.bangkok cat cafeAnd for years I have been wanting to visit a cat café. These cafes, in which you basically hang out with a bunch of cats while having coffee, originated in Taiwan where the first cat café opened in 1998, and has since grown across Asia – especially in Japan, where there are more than 150 cat cafes, and South Korea, since in both countries most landlords don’t allow pets in their buildings. So if you want to cuddle with a cat, a cat café is the easiest way to get your cat fix.bangkok cat cafeJust before I arrived in Bangkok, I stumbled upon a blog post that mentioned a cat café in Bangkok – and the timing couldn’t have been better. I was in dire need of some cat love at the time, and so I headed straight to the neighborhood where the cat café was located. After a disappointing experience at a ‘cat café’ in Berlin last year (there were only two cats that were hiding the whole time, and the coffee maker didn’t work. So much for cats & coffee!) I tried to keep my expectations low, but I didn’t have anything to worry about.bangkok cat cafepurr cat cafeThe Purr Cat Café is exactly what you picture when you think ‘Cat Café’: a cozy place filled with gorgeous cats, some more interested in guests than others, but all fun to watch.

bangkok purr cat cafepurr cat cafeUpon arriving I had to remove my shoes and put on slippers that are provided and wash my hands in the reception area before I was allowed to enter the café. I didn’t know what caught my attention more – the delicious-looking cat-themed cakes or all the fluffy Main Coon cats. I was in cat heaven.bangkok cat cafebangkok purr cat cafeI chose one of the low tables and sat down on the carpet, and took in the cat action around me. The café comes with rules – guests are not allowed to pick cats up for example, or wake them up when they’re sleeping – but there are enough cats that are willing to share your coffee with you (just kidding, feeding them is not allowed) and to entertain you.bangkok cat cafeAnd that’s exactly what I did: I sat, watched, played, cuddled, photographed.. and by the time I left the cafe, my bad mood was completely gone. But how could these beautiful creatures not cheer one up, right?bangkok cat cafeWhat surprised me was that the clientele of the café was not at all female-dominated – there were several men who were just as much into the cats as the girls were.bangkok cat cafeFor true cat lovers there is a small shop next to the cafe where you can buy cat-themed gifts and souvenirs – but luckily my cat craziness hasn’t reached that stage yet. I know, however, that I’ll be back at Purr Cat Cafe Club the next time I am in Bangkok – and that I will also visit the cats at Caturday Cafe, Bangkok’s other cat cafe.bangkok cat cafebangkok cat cafe beautiesbangkok cat cafe

Practical Information

Address: 63 Soi Sukhumvit 53, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok (a 10 minute walk from Thong Lo BTS Station)

Cost: Admission is free, drinks and food are a little pricier than in other cafes (starting at around THB100) but it is money well spent.

If you are not planning a trip to Bangkok any time soon but would still like to get your cat fix, fear not: you can find Purr Cat Café Club on Facebook and Instagram.purr cat cafeCats at Purr Cat Cafe Bangkokbangkok cat cafeHave you visited a cat or dog cafe? Would you include one in your travel itinerary, or does cat hair with a slice of cake not sound very appealing to you?

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  1. Cats cafes are becoming so popular and I haven’t been in one yet 🙁 In fact I didn’t make to this one in Bangkok too, shame because these cats look adorable!

    1. Well next time you’re in Bangkok you know where to go, Franca 😉 Have you been to the one in Berlin yet (Disclaimer: I didn’t like it at all but last time I checked if they were still in business their Facebook reviews were surprisingly good)

  2. Oh goodness, Dani! I think cats are very creepy… and they scare me, so, no, I won’t go to a cat cafe. A dog cafe, on the other hand, maybe. But I get way too attached to dogs, so I fear I may become really emotional before I have to leave…

    1. What do you mean, you are scared of cats?? Aaah Pauline that’s the first time I’ve heard someone’s scared of cats!! How can you not think they’re adorable, lol 😉 I am a bit skeptical about dog cafes – I imagine them to be quite noisy, while this cat cafe was wonderfully quiet and relaxing.

  3. ‘Just before I arrived in Bangkok, I stumbled upon a blog post that mentioned a cat café in Bangkok – and the timing couldn’t have been better.’ – Could be me saying that in one month’s time, as I’m about to head to Bangkok too! I have added this to my itinerary! I’m not even THAT much of a cat lover, but this is too quirky to miss!

    1. When exactly are you getting to Bangkok? I should work on getting my other Bangkok post live then in which I share other cool places I love in Bangkok!! It took me like five visits to finally like the city! 😀 Can’t wait to hear how you like it.

      1. I fly there tomorrow night! Guessing you won’t have it live by then?! This’ll be my second visit, but with years in between. I’ll see if I can find some cool places just by wandering. That’s my usual method of sightseeing!

        1. Tomorrow night! Amazing! I admit I’m slightly jealous 🙂 I also love the weekend market in Chatuchak, go there every time when I’m in Bangkok! And yes – Bangkok is the perfect place to just wander and stumble upon some cool places!

  4. I have been to the Cat Cafe in Melbourne and LOVED it! I also have a crazy cat lady rep despite not having a cat for the past 11 years because of my travel lifestyle. I will definitely check out this Cat Cafe when I am in Bangkok in November 🙂

  5. I find these cat cafes very odd but quite funny 😀
    I’m not a big fan of cats (I’m scared of them … ssshhh), but I can see why people like these cat cafes 🙂

    1. I think they’re so entertaining, Zascha! Coffee and cats – two things that I love – TOGETHER?? Heavenly! 😉

  6. Great post!
    Looks like you had a purrrfect time and were able to ‘paws’ and reflect – and hopefully to claw your way back to where you were staying without running into the tail-end of Bangkok’s notorious traffic!

  7. Hahaha!

    I dont believe these photos!

    I really, really dont like cats. But I love Bangkok.

    I have to admit this is one crazy cafe!



    1. What do you mean you don’t like cats, Neno? You should spend an afternoon at the cat cafe and you might change your mind about cats 😉

    1. What do you mean there are bunny and owl cafes?!! I gotta google that right now, Jenny! Not sure how I feel about an owl cafe?! 😀

  8. Dani I’m more of a crazy dog lady to be honest. I have been known to stop mid conversation with someone to run across the street to pet a passing dog. However since I’ve been housesitting for the past two years (thanks in part to you btw) I have grown to love cats almost as much. I think their aloofness used to turn me off a bit but I now I find it really charming and amusing. As you said they have such personalities. I’m going to be in Bangkok in October and will definitely be looking up this cat café. 🙂

    1. I am usually a crazy dog lady too, but hanging out with cats still makes me happy, for whatever reason, even though I’d prefer a dog as a pet 🙂 But people would say the same thing about me & street dogs!! Can’t walk by one without petting it. I love that you’ve been housesitting for the past two years, btw! Maybe see you in Bangkok in October- I can’t wait to check out the Caturday Cat Cafe when I get back there in a couple of months 🙂

  9. Hello Dani! Cat cafe is really very interesting place. I would also like to hang out with cute and lovely cats. Being a cat lover I always like to spend my free time with lovely cats. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog with us.

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