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The Most Instagrammable Luxury Destinations in Europe

The Most Instagrammable Luxury Destinations in Europe

Last Updated on December 27, 2023

With the increasing number of Instagram users worldwide, Instagram-driven holidays are becoming a trend. Most travelers would now prefer to travel to destinations that are aesthetically pleasing and will look good on their Instagram feeds. 

Europe is home to countries with Instagram potential, luring influencers, celebrities, and photography enthusiasts. Many of these places cater to well-heeled travelers, offering top-notch services and world-class amenities that you can’t resist flexing on Instagram. But with plenty to choose from, you might need help deciding where to go.borgo a mozzano italy

So, here’s our list of the most Instagrammable luxury destinations in Europe.


When you search Instagram using the hashtag France, you’ll come across many stunning spots that explain why the country is best suited for Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts. From the charming ancient towns surrounded by scenic vineyards to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, France will make your Instagram feed stand out.

While many of France’s Instagrammable locations are in Paris, other regions have more beautiful views. Visit Provence to photograph its stunning lavender fields. Stroll through the fragrant rows of flowers and take close-up shots of their delicate blooms. The mesmerizing colors of the scenic lavender fields will flood your Instagram feed with likes.

In the French Riviera, you’ll find cities that exude glamour and luxury. Cities like Nice, Cannes, or Saint-Tropez provide a visual feast of stunning landscapes with lovely harbors full of luxury yachts, colorful seaside villages, and vibrant beach scenes. 

Venture into the Palace of Versailles and capture the grandeur of this magnificent place. Its vast gardens, opulent interiors, and elaborate architecture are a photographer’s dream. With your camera on hand, walk through its perfectly manicured gardens and be ready to take photos of the beautiful plants and ornate sacre coeur


Home to some of the world’s most charming mountain villages surrounded by snow-capped peaks and traditional Swiss chalets, Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the world’s most Instagrammable destinations. And if you want a holiday centred on luxury, Switzerland will not disappoint. You will find some amazing luxury ski chalets in the country that offer the ideal base for your holiday.

As the capital of Switzerland, Bern is an incredible place to visit and photograph. Despite its progress, the city has managed to maintain its charming medieval feel, which you can document on Instagram. Head to the Old Town and take photos of ancient buildings with sandstone facades, historic towers, and Renaissance fountains. If you get hungry, you’ll have endless options to take a break and feast on mouth-watering meals. 

St Moritz in the Swiss Alps is one of the most photographed places in Switzerland. It’s the hub of Alpine tourism and is one of the world’s most prestigious ski resorts. While you enjoy playing on its slopes, be ready with your camera to capture the snow-peaked mountains and picturesque mountain villages. Ride the funicular from Punt Muragl to Muottas. At 2,400 meters, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the spectacular lakes below.Switzerland Walensee


With so many Instagram-worthy places in Italy, deciding where to visit can take time and effort. The country has numerous photogenic spots, from North to South and East to West. You can photograph the prettiest coastal towns with colourful houses or bustling cities home to fascinating ancient sights. Between your photo shoots, you can stop by for meals at one of the pizzerias or grab a cappuccino at one of the alfresco cafes.

Dubbed the City of Love, Florence is the go-to place for romantics and art lovers. It’s home to impressive museums and art galleries showcasing the works of the world’s greatest artists. To capture that perfect Instagram photo, head to La Piazzale Michelangelo, where you can enjoy the city’s panoramic views, including the Florence Cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio.

The Amalfi Coast is another picturesque location to capture some of the most Instagram-worthy shots. It’s a gorgeous region brimming with colourful cliffside villages surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. No matter where you take your photos, you can capture scenes to delight your Instagram followers.positano amalfi


While cities like Barcelona and Madrid have the most Instagrammable destinations in Spain, it’s worth venturing into off-the-beaten places to capture the most unique shots. For instance, an hour’s drive from Barcelona will take you to Montmelo, a small town best known for the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the Grand Prix motor racing circuit. If you come here during the Spanish Grand Prix, you can get Barcelona F1 tickets during your visit. 

Away from Spain’s bustling cities, you’ll find picturesque natural sights that look great on Instagram. Visit the Picos de Europa National Park in the northern part of the country, a stunning nature park with turquoise lakes, imposing peaks, and verdant valleys. An Instagrammer’s dream, Picos de Europa has numerous photo opportunities to make your Instagram stand out. 

Between taking photos, you can take on fun outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, kayaking, and cycling. If you’re into hiking, hike Ruta del Cares, a scenic route throughout the park that offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.camino de santiago hontanas


Home to over a thousand islands, a vast coastline with gorgeous beaches, beautiful national parks, charming seaside villages, and cities brimming with history, Croatia is a country with Instagram-worthy spots in almost every corner. 

Rovinj is one of the most photogenic spots in Croatia. It’s a picturesque fishing village on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula with pretty cobblestone streets that lead to a hilltop church of St. Euphemia. Once you reach the top, you can capture the charming old town in all its glory. 

Croatia is renowned for its ancient sites, including some well-preserved Roman buildings. One of these is the Pula Arena, a Roman amphitheater dating back to 27 BC, and it is among the world’s largest surviving Roman arenas.

To highlight Croatia’s breathtaking natural landscapes, visit Plitvice Lakes. The national park attracts thousands of visitors with its crystal-clear lakes and lush greenery that can be a big hit in your Instagram feed.sunset sky