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4 of the Best Environmentally Friendly Airports Around the World — and What Makes Them Stand Out

4 of the Best Environmentally Friendly Airports Around the World — and What Makes Them Stand Out

Last Updated on December 23, 2023

When you care about the environment but also love traveling, you may find yourself feeling guilty about taking a plane and using the services available at an airport. After all, flying is not the most eco-friendly way to travel around (although it is the fastest).

But things are changing. The air industry is tapping into more eco-friendly ways to transport passengers, and airports around the world are starting to care about using renewable energy and designing strong recycling programs.

As such, today, we’ll have a look at the world’s greenest airports and the techniques they use to stay eco-friendly.

Top 4 Environmentally Friendly Airports

1. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

The Singapore Changi Airport is like that friend who’s always on top of their recycling game, doing their bit for the planet with a steady hand and a clear conscience. They’re not just talking the eco-talk, they walk the walk, too.

This airport has a reputation as one of the greenest airports around, and for good reason. Some of its walls are working overtime as lush gardens, with one terminal boasting a butterfly habitat that’s like something straight out of a nature documentary. 

Water usage is another jam where Changi rocks out. They collect rainwater and use it to keep those gardens looking fresh. Additionally, the roof is fitted with solar panels, so a big part of the energy needed to keep things moving is green. They even push for electric vehicles within its armada of ground support equipment.

So, if you’re planning the perfect weekend in Singapore, you must make sure you land at this amazing airport.Singapore Changi Airport

2. Boston Logan International Airport, US

Boston Logan International Airport is like your neighbor who’s started a compost bin and rides their bike to work – not perfect, but definitely putting in the effort. Logan has a slew of green accolades pinned to its lapel. For instance, it was the world’s first airport to win a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design award. 

Their efforts include installing energy-efficient lighting and optimizing HVAC systems that ensure you’re not shivering or sweating while waiting for your flight. The airport also flirts with alternative energy by implementing solar panels and wind turbines.

Waste management is another arena where Logan is sprinting rather than crawling. The airport staff is well-versed in recycling, so you can trust that the food wrappers you throw in their garbage cans will make it to the recycling facility. Plus, they’ve got clean fuel buses that hum quietly around the terminals.lufthansa A380 plane LAX

3. Oslo Airport, Norway

Norway is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and environmental stewardship, so it’s only natural that its capital city airport is a reflection of these very values.

The Oslo Airport features a carbon-neutral status, which was obtained through meticulous emission cuts and renewable energy adoption. The terminal itself is an architectural nod to eco-friendliness, with materials chosen for their ability to age gracefully and efficiently insulate, cutting down on heating bills.

While solar energy may not be the best alternative here, Norwegians know how to use their environment. For instance, they use biofuels and preserve snow as a natural coolant for the summer period.

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

4. Galápagos Ecological Airport, Galápagos Islands

Set amongst the stunning tableau of the Galápagos Islands, this airport is serious about its commitment to Mother Earth.

This is the first airport in the world to operate entirely on renewable energy (35% solar and 65% wind). Additionally, the building is made largely from materials recycled from its predecessor, it’s as if the old airport rose like a phoenix into something far more sustainable. 

The airport also has a rainwater usage program and strong recycling systems to keep everything clean and environmentally friendly. 

galapagos tiny plane

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Wrap Up

So, if you’re ever in any of these countries and have the possibility to choose these airports, don’t hesitate to do so. They’ll make you feel like the world is headed in the right direction (if only for the brief time you spend there).

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Photo Credit: Image of Oslo Airport by Max-Leonhard von Schaper, via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing.