Last Updated on April 20, 2021


After so many months rambling through colonial city after colonial city, imagine our surprise when we arrived in Panama City and saw this impressive skyline! Dozens of skyscrapers line the Pacific shores and make for Central America’s most spectacular skyline (by far!). This skyline could be anywhere in the U.S. and shows how much the city benefits from the world-famous Panama Canal.  As a growing international trading & finance hub, many  banks, insurance firms, shipping companies and hotel chains have built large high rises in Panama City (including a new Trump hotel opening this June). Most of the skyscrapers have been built since 2000, and several stood unfinished during our time there this March.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome! I am so envious of your travels, I love to hear where you are and where you’re going. I can imagine all the fun and excitement of adventure, although I am sure there are follies here and there : ^ )

  2. You’re right, it does look like it could be any big city in the U.S., in fact, it almost looks like a shot of my home town, Chicago!

    1. Hi David – thanks for stopping by our blog – you are totally right, I thought the exact same thing, actually – being from Chicago myself! Glad we’re in touch, always great to know other Chicagoans who love to travel!

      1. Hey Jess, I didn’t know you were from Chicago! That’s great.

        I do love to travel, but you guys are on the road a WHOLE lot more than me. I’m very envious, but love following along on your ride. One day I’ll get there.

        Any recommendations for other LGBT travelers like yourself that I should be following would be appreciated too!

        1. Hey David, we’ll send you an email with some LGBT travellers we love for sure! It’s not really about being on the road all the time, by the way, as long as you’re out seeing the world, that is enough for a start! Life is too short not to travel, we say! Great to be in touch!

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