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One of the things that do not stop to amaze us during our travels through Central America is how much the women in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras or Nicaragua manage to carry on their heads, even balancing their load while getting on and off buses, without ever using their hands.

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    1. We agree with you – Granada was probably our least favorite place in all of Nicaragua, overpriced and touristy although it didn’t really have anything to offer. But it was great for photo ops!

    1. You will be amazed when you get down here and see the women carrying these huge baskets / packages / bowls, etc on their heads… it’s incredible!! We haven’t yet attempted carrying our daypacks on our heads 😉

  1. I adore this photo. I like how you’ve captured the old wooden door and brick sidewalk! The ladies look like they are just going for a stroll down the street! Beautiful photo, thanks for sharing!

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