Polaroid of the week: Honduran Cowboys


Last Updated on April 13, 2021

Crossing from Guatemala into Honduras, the first thing we noticed is that we had left the Mayan culture behind. Immediately gone were the colorful indigenous trajes. The Honduran women dress fairly similar to women in the U.S. or Europe: jeans, heels, and tank tops or other pretty tops. Many of the men, however, wear a stereotypical cowboy outfit – leather cowboy boots, jeans, a fancy leather belt, button down shirt and of course the indispensable cowboy hat. Although some of the younger men and teenagers opt for a flashy modern style, both older and younger men are keeping the cowboy tradition alive and well and it is fun to watch the ‘boys gather in the town square in full cowboy gear. What makes it different to rural Texas is the long, very sharp machete hanging proudly by their sides. Still not used to that!

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