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polaroid of the week iceland Jökulsárlón glacier lagoonOh, Iceland! Picking just ONE image for this week’s Polaroid out of the 1,500 photos I took during my week-long road trip around Iceland was such a difficult task – it was nearly impossible to narrow it down to one single photo because Iceland is so photogenic; there is a photo-worthy landscape / waterfall / geyser / coastline / glacier around every corner. I finally selected an ice-y photo – it is the Land Of Ice, after all, but I can’t wait to share all the other breathtaking Icelandic landscapes with you.

Circling the entire island on the Ring Road for a week was an ambitious undertaking but I am glad that my travel buddy Rease and I got to see so much of Iceland and were able to take in the entirety of the country’s diverse scenery, even though it meant spending a lot of time in the car. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite place – every day we passed picture-perfect spots, were ooh-ing and aah-ing about the views ahead of us, the gushing geysers and the roaring waterfalls. That said, seeing the Northern Lights was without a doubt a major highlight for me, since this was something I’ve had on my travel wish list for a long time, and so when the skies finally cleared up after a few rainy and cloudy days and the Aurora Borealis appeared, I was in absolute awe.

Another highlight was the Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon in Southern Iceland, a lake filled with massive ice blocks that break off the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and slowly float down towards the southern end of the lake, which opens to the ocean. The ice chunks that float into the ocean are often washed onto the shore, resulting in a bizarrely beautiful ice beach (I posted more photos of it on Facebook), something I had never seen before and I am not sure if there’s another place in the world where ice washes ashore like this (if you know of one, let me know!).

If you’re thinking about heading to Iceland, you can see my exact Iceland road trip itinerary here. For more of my Iceland photos, check out my Instagram gallery.

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  1. There is so much jealousy going on over here! Iceland is at the very top of my places to go list. I would pretty much do anything to be driving in a car ooh-ing and aah-ing at the scenery. Ah, and the fact that you got to see the Aurora Borealis is awesome. Iceland is definitely a place I cannot wait to visit. Someday…!

    1. Justine – Iceland is sooooo worth a trip!! I already know that this road trip wasn’t my last visit to Iceland 🙂

  2. I second that, Justine! I’ve been looking at deals for Iceland for the past week and now that fall has officially arrived, I think it’s time for my very own adventure and polaroid frenzy! :))

    1. Thanks, Valen 🙂 You’re going in May – amazing!! You will love it. I will post more photos shortly to get you even more excited 😉

  3. I totally get what you say about the difficulty of picking just one image.

    I went to Iceland some time ago and took thousands of photos. The place is just stunning and keeps getting better at every turn of the road. The Glacier lagoon was aldo one of my favorite places there.

    1. I was kind of relieved that the weather wasn’t too great when we visited the Glacier Lagoon – otherwise I would’ve ended up taking 1,000 photos there alone 😉 Such a stunning place!!

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