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Exploring the Hidden Parts of Israel With Guided Tours

Exploring the Hidden Parts of Israel With Guided Tours

Last Updated on October 27, 2019

Seeing places like Old Jerusalem and Masada is essential to visiting Israel. But read on to see how guided tours in Israel can take you off the beaten track!

Hidden Gems Uncovered By an Informed Expert

If you want to really discover the depths of a place, isn’t the best idea to go with someone who knows the area well?  It thus makes sense that, while traveling to Israel, you will find the best opportunities to discover new and different activities when you travel with a guide. If you wish to truly understand and explore this marvelous country, then putting yourself into the hands of a well-informed expert truly is the best way to do so.

negev desert trek israel

Guided tours in Israel that are off the beaten track give you new understanding of this country’s rich culture and heritage, as well as the wonderful people who inhabit it. Read on to see why a guided tour will allow you to get the most out of your travels!

mount tabor church of the transfiguration

Getting Off the Beaten Path – How Guided Tours Can Assist You

Israel is full of beautiful and wonderful sites that are well known to many people all over the world, such as the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the winding streets of Old Jerusalem, and many other beautiful historic sites with deep religious and cultural background.
jerusalem market1However, the things that you may not have heard of in Israel are the places where you can make new memories and capture the spirit of adventure. But how can a guided tour in Israel lead you off the beaten path? What places will you see, and what benefit will your tour guide offer?dani ein gedi

The Value is in the Details

Your tour guide is obviously more familiar with the area than you are: he lives there! So trusting in him to lead you and your group through the streets that he knows well will give you an opportunity to see Israel as you could never see it when traveling alone!
israel golden roofsYou will be introduced to a new culture, a new way of life, and you can be guaranteed to have the best experience because your guide can bring you to the sites that he knows are best!israel national trail druze kunefeFrom large things, like how you spend your day, to small things such as where you will eat or in what part of the city you’ll find a hotel, your guide can offer you the best options. It is in these details that the value of a tour guide is seen. Guided tours in Israel can take you off the beaten path that is frequented by tourists and give you the ability to see Israel in a new and enchanting light that you may not have expected!timna park mushroom

Where a Guided Tour in Israel Can Take You

Imagine visiting the famous grottoes of Rosh Hanikra, but from a completely different perspective. Kayaking instead of taking the cable car is a fantastic and little-known way to see this beautiful site.  A guided tour in Israel will take you off the beaten track to the ancient wine route that dates back over 2000 years where you can see the process and taste the result.
rosh hanikra israelLearn more about Bedouin culture in the Negev at the Sidreh-Lakiya Weaving, or hike your way through the Black Canyon within the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve. These ‘off the beaten track’ adventures are available to you with guided tours in Israel, and can create the adventure of a lifetime.israel camelYour visit to Israel should be one that you remember forever. Add these hidden sites to your travel plans by choosing a guided tour in Israel and see things that are off the beaten track, thus creating for yourself an adventure-filled trip that will never be forgotten.acco israel

Anne @

Thursday 22nd of September 2016

Guided tours can be nice, but there's no reason not to explore the country on your own, if you wanted to. It's easy to navigate and nature reserves and similar attractions all offer brochures in English. (Off topic - Your comment form has Commentluv but I couldn't see where to enter my blog URL? Also, I think the previous comment should not have been approved. Why mix politics with a travel blog?)

Ali Vazir

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

Israel is nothing but a stolen piece of land by the Jews with the help of the then Superpower Britain. The Europeans purportedly persecuted Jews and the Arabs paid the price and are still paying it. Might is right. The Zionists that have confiscated forcefully Israeli power lobby are child killers, women killers, an apartheid regime like their new-found friend Saudis, deserving condemnation in the strongest words.