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Exciting Things to Do in Malaga

Exciting Things to Do in Malaga

Last Updated on August 21, 2023

Are you seeking golden beaches, reliable sunshine, and delicious foods? Malaga offers these and even more!

There are lots of interesting things to explore in Malaga. Read and  learn some fun stuff to do when you next tour Malaga. 

14 Fun Things to Explore in Malaga

To move around, rent a car malaga airport to get to your destination. Below are some top fun things and places to do in Malaga:

Explore the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle

Immerse yourself in Malaga’s rich history by visiting the Alcazaba, a medieval Moorish fortress, and Gibralfaro Castle.

They offer you breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Walk around the Promenade

You can also take a stroll along the Paseo del Parque. It is a nice promenade with palm trees, lush gardens, and amazing sculptures.

Explore the Picasso Museum

Pay a visit to the Picasso Museum. Have a good time exploring the works of the famous artist Pablo Picasso – he was born in Malaga. 

The museum showcases an impressive collection of his paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Relax on La Malagueta Beach

Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea at La Malagueta Beach, a popular spot for swimming and relaxing. Also, enjoy some delicious seafood at nearby beachfront eateries.Beach

Wander through the Old Town

Explore the charming Malaga’s Old Town. You’ll find quaint shops, lively markets, and traditional Spanish architecture here.

Try traditional tapas

Embark on a culinary adventure by sampling authentic Spanish tapas at local bars and restaurants. Don’t miss Malaga’s signature dish, “espetos de sardinas” (grilled sardines on skewers).Delicious Tapas at Carmela in Seville Spain

Climb Mount Victoria

Hike up Mount Victoria for panoramic views of Malaga’s skyline and the surrounding landscapes. This will be an incredible experience for photographers and lovers of nature. More so, you can join a car hire malaga airport 9 seater.

Discover the Automobile and Fashion Museum

Explore a unique collection of classic cars and historical fashion pieces. It showcases the evolution of style and design over the decades.

seville flamenco girlsExperience the Semana Santa Processions

If you’re visiting during Easter, immerse yourself in the vibrant Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions. Here, elaborately decorated floats and religious icons are paraded through the streets.

Take a day trip to Ronda

Venture outside of Malaga for a day trip to Ronda. Ronda is a picturesque town perched atop cliffs with a stunning bridge spanning a dramatic gorge.

Indulge in churros and chocolate

Treat yourself to a traditional Spanish breakfast of churros (fried dough pastries) dipped in thick hot chocolate. That’s a sweet and satisfying morning delight for any tourist.churros con chocolate spain

Interactive music museum

Explore the Museo Interactivo de la Música (MIMMA). You’ll learn about music’s history and enjoy interactive exhibits that engage kids and adults.

Shop at Atarazanas Market

Wander through the bustling Atarazanas Market. Here, you can discover various fresh produce, seafood, meats, and local delicacies.

Attend a flamenco showseville flamenco girl

Immerse yourself in the passion and intensity of Spanish flamenco. Just attend a live performance at one of Malaga’s intimate venues.


These activities and places are only a few of the numerous interesting things to do in Malaga. If you love food, art, history, or outdoor activities, this amazing city has something for everyone to explore and enjoy.