Polaroid of the week: San Marcos Dock at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Last Updated on March 12, 2021

Located in the Central Highlands of Guatemala is the beautiful Lake Atitlán. At 320m, Lake Atitlán, formed by the collapse of a volcano cone, is the deepest lake in Central America. The lake is surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes, and several villages  dot its shores. The villages are inhabited by Maya, mainly Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel, who still dress in their traditional costumes and share their villages with the tourists who come for the stunning scenery and atmosphere of the lake.

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  1. hola ladies. i am loving looking at your website, you have such great info. it you are still at lake atitlan, are you heading over to santa catarina or san lucas toliman? if you do go , would you take a few photos while there. i have been to both places on mission trips, and would like to see how things look after tropical storm agatha and other heavy rains this year. thank you so much. the mayan people are wonderful people, with the best smiles of anywhere i have travelled.

    thank you

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Yes, we are still at the lake, and we’ll send you a link to our Atitlan photos as soon as we’ve uploaded them into Flickr. It’s a shame to see so many beaches / parks / houses / streets flooded, the villages around the lake suffered a lot from the heavy rains & storms. And you are right – Mayan people are wonderful!!

  2. This dock is the perfect spot for photos… I have about 20 from different angles in San Marcos. There’s a really cool massive tree at the end of the shore if you walk to the left from the dock. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Jasmine – San Marcos dock turned out to be the best photo spot of the places we’ve visited around the lake. However, the raised water level (+ 3 meters) has flooded most of the shore 🙁

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