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8 of the Best Day Trips from Split, Croatia

8 of the Best Day Trips from Split, Croatia

Last Updated on April 21, 2019

Split is a very attractive tourist destination because of the ease of transportation from one point to another. Being close to the coastline, there is a ferry terminal and catamaran port that can transport tourists from one coastal town to another, or from Split to the islands. The schedule was designed to accommodate local commuters as it makes it easy to make day trips from Split and back in one day. In the mainland, an affordable bus transportation network enables tourists to visit destinations in Split and the nearby towns. All these accessible means of transportation make it easy to plan the best split day trips while still maintaining the same accommodation in Split, Croatia.


Hvar is known for its beautiful sandy beaches overlooking the blue sea. Many people visit Hvar to sample local and international cuisines in some of the most excellent restaurants. Their bars and clubs are also worth mentioning because they are popular party favorites. This island town is at least one and a half hours away from Split and accessible by catamaran or ferry from the harbor. It is advisable to book tickets early if one intends to use catamaran boats. The ferry goes to Stari Grand town, a two-hour trip. From there, one can use bus transport to Hvar, which takes 30 minutes.


Trogir is a popular tourist destination recognized by UNESCO. The town has so much history and culture that the locals still uphold to this day. One can easily access the beautiful beaches via a connecting beach. One can take an hour bus ride on bus number 37 from Split. One can also use Bura Boat Line, which takes an hour from Split Harbor to Trogir. Another alternative is to rent a car and drive along the Croatian coast, which takes at least 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Brač – Bol

One can get to Brač from the harbor by taking either a 50-minute ferry ride or a catamaran. The ferry docks in Supetar, a town in Brač Island. Activities on the island include swimming, various water activities like snorkeling, sampling local foods, shopping for souvenirs, and so on. From Brač, tourists can take a 50-minute bus ride to Bol, a town on the far end of the island. One can go to Zlatni Rat Beach and enjoy surfing or watching surfers do their thing.

Krka National Park

This is probably one of the most popular destinations on this list because of the beautiful sceneries, amazing waterfalls, and trails to the best views in the park. People enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the park. There are some food joints and souvenir shops within the park, too. The park is easily accessible through day trips by local travel agencies or by taking a bus from the main station.


Some recognizable destinations in Šibenik include St. Michael’s Fortress and the Cathedral of St. James. Both these destinations were built a long time ago and have been preserved as historical sites. The fortress is built on top of a hill overlooking the city and hosts festivals and concerts during the summer. Tourists can either take a 2-hour bus trip to Šibenik, rent a car, and travel the scenic route to the old town or pay for a local day trip that takes them directly to Šibenik. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This popular tourist destination has 16 lakes, although guests are only allowed to look and not swim in them. However, they can take boat rides in the lakes to see the park from the water. It has two breathtaking waterfalls and nature trails that nature lovers would enjoy. One can take an organized trip to the national park organized locally, rent a car, and drive there or take a 4-5-hour bus trip from the main bus station to the national park.

Vis Island

There is plenty to see in Vis, e.g., the blue and green caves, Stiniva cove, and the main Vis Island. Many travel agencies offer day trips from Split directly to these popular destinations. Discover little towns in Vis, fortresses with beautiful architecture, or join the military tour to know more about the Island. One can also try local food and drinks in the local restaurants.


Mostar is a hidden gem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is so much culture as one walks down the town’s narrow streets. Tourists get to try čevapčići and Bosnian coffee and walk down Mostar Bridge. The trip is quite affordable by bus, which is a four-hour trip or one can choose to drive themselves by taking the highway.

Split has affordable transportation that makes day trips possible. The trick is to leave early enough so that one can enjoy these places longer. Make sure to have appropriate documentation when driving to avoid getting in trouble with local authorities. When in doubt, there are plenty of local agencies that organize day trips to some of the famous sites in Split and around the city.