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Three day trips from Malaga

Last Updated on January 2, 2016

Summer trips to Spain inspire ideas of sun and sand, but jet down to Malaga and you will not only be in one of the Costa del Sol’s top resorts, but also in a convenient position to go on some amazing day trips.

Flights from anywhere in Europe are quick and cheap, and when we hopped on a flight to Malaga, we discovered that although Malaga itself is a rather large city with plenty to see and do for an extended period of time, what makes this sunny city such a great destination is how much you can do just outside the city limits, within an easy day trip.

Here are three quick trips recommended during a summer vacation in Malaga.

Spain Beach


Spain as a whole has a reputation for being chic, but if you want to take a day trip to somewhere really luxurious and suave, head to Marbella. Situated about an hour’s drive to the west of Malaga, this coastal resort has long been popular among celebrities, like Hollywood actress Eva Longoria, so you could well end up rubbing shoulders with some high-profile names when relaxing on one of Marbella’s golden beaches.

You might be inspired by all the shoulder-rubbing and decide to stroll the Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe Boulevard for a spot of window-shopping, as this main drag is perfect for picking up (or just admiring) designer clothing and gorgeous jewelry.

Church in Marbella

Church in Marbella via Karen Bryan on Flickr


For those who like basking in the famous Spanish sunshine, Nerja is a key day trip destination worth checking out. This western Costa del Sol resort lies about an hour away from Malaga and contains a great variety of beaches ideal for laying out, working out or checking out beautiful beach bodies. Among these is Burriana, a lovely 700 m expanse of golden sand, though El Salon, Calahonda and La Torrecilla are also good places to relax.

For those interested in more than relaxation, head to the Nerja cave. Only discovered in 1959, this underground complex features a wide range of ancient rock formations, including stalagmites and stalactites, that have been sculpted over the course of thousands of years.


Nerja via Airon Zone on Flickr


Admittedly, many of those who visit the Costa del Sol will stick to the region’s coastal towns and resorts, which is why heading inland offers a fairly unique and culturally interesting day or overnight trip. Explore Ronda, a historic town that lies on both sides of the Tajo del Ronda gorge.

A wealth of period architecture can be seen here, including the 13th century Almocabar Gate and the Santa Maria la Mayor. The latter was originally a mosque, though it would later be converted into a church when Ronda fell under Christian rule. This transformation has resulted in the structure containing a blend of architectural styles and features, including a mihrab arch and a Baroque-style interior.

Ronda Bridge

Ronda Bridge via Dean Ayres on Flickr

Between even just these three day trips and explore the city of Malaga, you can easily fill a week of sun, sand and culture without worrying about heading to packed out Barcelona or Valencia in the height of summer season and still feel like you have had a classic Spanish summer experience.


Monday 28th of September 2015

Nice article :-) Since this year (2015) The new Pompidou contemporary art museum is open in the city of Malaga. A great place to visit !