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The World’s Must Visit LGBT Scenes

The World’s Must Visit LGBT Scenes

Last Updated on April 21, 2021

new york pride daniIf you are thinking of doing some traveling next year and are pondering about the LGBT scene abroad, you should definitely consider including some of the hottest LGBT friendly locations from our list. Here are five destinations with great LGBT scenes, some might be obvious, but others might surprise you:

Edinburgh, Scotland

While it’s easy to compartmentalize Scotland with the rest of the UK, it actually has its own liberal government who are very outspoken on gay rights. They passed a law in 2014 to legalize same-sex marriage with an overwhelming majority in their parliament – an attitude which is reflected on Scotland’s streets. Home to a thriving and open nightlife, Edinburgh is a multicultural, open minded mecca for LGBT’s from all across the world. edinburgh

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is famed for its progressive attitudes, from LGBT issues to immigration. It’s a country with a high standard of living, and one which holds its arms wide open to all peace loving travelers who want to visit its shores. This year it hosted the EuroGames, an LBGT sporting event for Europeans, displaying its commitment to gay issues.fotografiska museum restaurant

Berlin, Germany

The Berlin you probably learnt about in school is very different from the Berlin that exists today. One of the most progressive and open cities in the world, Berlin boasts a huge gay scene, and one of the biggest gay parades in the world every summer. There are many gay bars and nightclubs across the cosmopolitan city for those wishing to be surrounded by like-minded people who are gay-friendly and welcoming to people of all sexual dispositions.das ist so berlin

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is by far the most LGBT friendly destination in the entire Middle East – in fact, it is the only gay friendly travel destination in that region of the world. It is somewhat surprising, considering Israel is home to a large Orthodox Jewish as well as Muslim population, and the gay-friendliness in other parts of Israel has yet to reach Tel Aviv’s levels, but the ‘White City’ with its fabulous location right on the Mediterranean Sea is extremely open-minded and tolerating of LGBT culture. This shows the most during Tel Aviv’s annual Pride Parade, which usually takes places in June, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. But the city also offers a vast LGBT nightlife scene the rest of the year and is worth a visit year round!tel aviv beach view

Las Vegas, USA

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, meaning you can really let your hair down and not worry about the morning after! Vegas certainly packs the “wow factor” for all brave enough to tackle its nightlife. In a city that is constructed around its nightlife, everything is geared towards having a great time. There are no judging eyes in this city, where excess and self-indulgence are the norm. You can visit some of the world’s most outrageous and lively gay bars and live life to the max. But remember to leave your sensibilities at home, because Vegas can get crazy…Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas
Are you a queer traveler? Share your favorite LGBT destination in the world in the comments below!


Saturday 6th of January 2018

Hi Dani, Really enjoying your blog on single travelers. I’m in my late 50’s and want to travel to Turkey and Croatia over the summer break. Do you know if they safe places for lesbians to travel through, and are their any blogs you can suggest for women in my age group please? Happy travels, Sandra


Saturday 4th of March 2017

I am just starting my solo travel adventure. I have been to New Zealand a few times and have friends over there so I know I definitely want to end up there. I have done both NY and LA before but this time I want to spend longer in each city and I am asking for advice on how to stay safe in both cities. I also would like to explore the LGBT community in both cities. Can you offer advice please?


Sunday 5th of March 2017

Hi Anna, I've never felt unsafe in NYC or LA - and in New York, I have taken the subway in the middle of the night many times. To be 100 % safe I'd recommend taking a Lyft or a cab home though, after a night out. The Her app has listings for lesbian events in both cities, my favorite places to go out are the Abby in LA and I like the Bad Habit / Hot Rabbit parties in NYC, and Misster (Wednesdays at The Woods in Brooklyn). I've found dating apps like Her and Tinder to be great for meeting local lesbians in places I visited, and as well (especially if you're not hugely into going out). Please feel free to email me if you have any more specific questions, always happy to help :)


Saturday 19th of March 2016

Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand) will suit in this list as well I think.

Mei from

Sunday 1st of November 2015

Thanks for this post, Dani! Now we know where to go next! haha… Vegas is certainly one of the most LGBT friendly destinations in the world, but probably because - like you said it - anything and everything is allowed and accepted in Vegas!

Our favourite LGBT destinations so far are San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Bruges. Have you ever been there?


Tuesday 10th of November 2015

Mei - Bruges has been high on my list ever since the movie 'In Bruges'. It looks so pretty! I thought I could fit it into my Euro Rail Trip this fall but I ran out of time. I went to Copenhagen earlier this year but didn't think it was particularly LGBT-friendly. But then I didn't go out while I was there - now I want to go back! :)