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Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Thursday, 11 October marked our 900th day of travel! Days 801 – 900 of our life of travel have been the most remote of all the days before, spent on far away beaches in far flung locations…

A running theme of our travels is taking advantage of living life on a whim. Not that we don’t plan. Before arriving in a new destination, research and planning factor heavily into our how we spend our time.

Where we go, however, changes on the turn of a dime, the drop of a hat, on a whim. Once, it meant flying from Panama to Germany even though we had planned on continuing down to Colombia. Another time, it meant spending three weeks in Lisbon (and loving it!), just because we had time to kill before flying to Canada.

Most recently this meant a snap decision to spend two months in Costa Rica on the beaches of the Nicoya peninsula for a housesit. We had fully intended to travel Mexico for a month after our housesit there. Costa Rica was never on the plan until suddenly it was.

costa rica beach nicoya
Our beach in Costa Rica

Housesitting is another running theme, and one that we are increasingly passionate about as we continue the life of freedom we have established. It allows us to rest, cook for ourselves and really get to know a destination for longer periods of time. These last 100 days have been almost entirely spent housesitting.

While we don’t regret a single whim, these past 100 days taught us a few things. Living a life on the beach is the stuff dreams are made of, but our views on that have shifted. We both still love the beach, and spending a month or two at a time hearing the waves crash against the shore, watching the sun set or rise beyond the horizon, soaking up that inevitably relaxed, chilled out culture that exists at the beach…we love those things.

But we are city people.

We need culture, restaurants, art, and the chance to watch the millions of different ways that people express being human all in one place. We certainly lived out one of those sitting-in-the-office, dreaming-of-what-you-would-do-if-you-won-the-lottery dreams these past 100 days, but in between the two housesits, stopping in Mexico City was an absolute must, and now we are about to put our ‘life on the beach’ dream behind us and moving on to another dream.

our beach in mexico
Our beautiful beach in Mexico


To live in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a month.

Before we left, over 900 days ago, we originally looked at flights from London to Buenos Aires via Rome. Instead, on another whim, our trip began in Las Vegas. Every time we start a new leg of our travels, however, we always assume it will be Buenos Aires and then all of South America. Somehow, it took us over two years, but now the flights are booked and this dream is real.

And to think, the next time you read one of these reflections posts, the big 1000 days celebration set of reflections, we will have been and gone to Buenos Aires and will be tasting our way through Argentina’s wine country or hopping around glaciers at the bottom of the world.

After a month in the Argentine capital, we’ll get back into a rhythm that we had been keeping before these last 100 days. We have only been to two countries in that time. Just Mexico and Costa Rica. And in those two countries, we have only really been to four or five places, since housesitting took up huge chunks of that time. This complete stability is what has been so unusual about days 801 – 900. We traveled at the rate of a tortoise, but we needed that. Maintaining breakneck speed, changing hotels (and towns!) every few days is exhilarating in spurts, but the longer we continue the journey, the longer these breaks in between need to be.

turtles in costa rica
Turtles slowly making their way out of the water | Costa Rica

Despite a spot of navel gazing about whether we had lost our travel mojo, the butterflies have begun, wine and cheese palates have been whetted and we can’t wait to wipe off our moldy passports and move in to our Buenos Aires apartment (which we found on to explore the city, and the country, where this whole journey was supposed to begin in the first place.

Read on for our top travel moments and most disappointing places in our Tops & Flops of 900 Days of Travel!

Looking back:

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  1. Hi Jess & Dani, congrats on your milestone! What you girls do is truly remarkable and inspiring – I’m glad that we had the opportunity to meet up during your travels 🙂

    1. David, thanks so much! Can you believe how long it’s been already since we met you?! Time just flies! 🙂 Hope to see you again when we’re back on your side of the world 😀

  2. Funny how it can take 900 days of travel (for us, even longer I think!) to realize what it REALLY is you like! For us, after spending 3 weeks in the hot heat and on the beaches of Malta, we realized then that we are mountain folk. We wanted so badly to be back in the mountains!

    Congrats on your 900 days, you better be ready to celebrate the next BIG one! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dalene! Pretty excited for the next big milestone, yes!! Can’t believe it’s been that long already. Well we still absolutely LOVE the beach but four months without anything else is just too long, we’ve realized. But I know already that after two or three months without any beaches we’ll be longing for one again 😉

    1. Thanks Kent! And believe me – we are SO ready for pizza!! 🙂 It’s been way too long since we had a really good one.. that’s the downside of beach life, there are usually not many decent pizza places. Can’t wait to explore Argentina!

  3. There’s something nice about living a life where its worth reflecting (blogging) about the past 100 days. I wonder if celebrities ever wish they’d done it when their moment in the sun has passed.

    When you’re living a whirlwind live its good to have trigger to remind you of the time. Each of your 100 days i’m sure could be summed in 1 word. I nominate “Beach” for this one.

    1. I love the idea of summarizing our 100 days in just one word! Of course you are 100 per cent right about these last one hundred days being just ‘beach’ 🙂 Looking back every 100 days helps us to process everything we’ve done and seen, the place we’ve explored and what we liked and what we didn’t.

  4. Congratulations! I love your posts which give us an overview of your travel tales. Happy Traveling and I am more than happy to travel along 🙂

    1. Wish you were still there, Steph -it’s always so much better to experience a place with a ‘local'(and we want to meet you, of course!). We could follow the tips in your BsAs guide though – will it be out by November?

    1. Thanks, 30Traveler 🙂 I love reading our older 100 days post – it’s so interesting to see how felt so many months ago and also how our perspective’s changed in all that time!

  5. Finally South America!!!!

    I’m very likely heading down to South America but not as far as Argentina, any chance you could meet up in Peru or Northern Chile for a bit?

    1. Yes, finally!! After a 1.5-year detour we’re finally back on track 😉 And beyond EXCITED! Northern Chile / Peru sound good to us – really looking forward to both these countries. When do you think you’ll be there? Let’s make it happen!!

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