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5 Top Countries for Nurses to Travel to for Work

5 Top Countries for Nurses to Travel to for Work

Last Updated on April 10, 2024

All around the world, nurses do an incredible job at the front line of medical and health care. For those training to be a nurse or already working in nursing, this career offers an incredible opportunity to work almost anywhere, with no community worldwide where nurses cannot offer their skills, expertise, and care. From answering questions about patient issues via telephone to helping them decide on the best medical alert system. Whether you are studying to become a nurse and considering working abroad or are a nurse who is looking for a change of scenery, there are plenty of countries around the world where nurses can enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful career along with a great lifestyle. Here are some of the best countries around the world for nurses to work:

New Zealand

In New Zealand, the healthcare system is divided between private care and state-funded, and there are opportunities for nurses to work in both. The public system makes up around 80% of the healthcare providers in the country, while the remainder is provided by private hospitals and doctors. Healthcare is a well-supported industry here, with state funding making up around 10% of the GDP, just over the average. Nurses in New Zealand are equipped with modern working environments with the latest up-to-date equipment and technology. Doctor’s appointments here are paid for by the patient, but treatment in state clinics and hospitals is free.

There are many great reasons to consider moving to New Zealand as a nurse, including:

  • They’re currently on a recruitment drive, with a goal of increasing their nursing workforce by 25.000 in the next ten years.
  • Expats and nurses who trained overseas make up over 40% of healthcare professionals in the country.
  • There’s a high chance of your working visa application being accepted if you have the skills needed to fill one of the several advertised roles.
  • A minimum amount of four weeks paid annual leave in a year along with generous salaries.


Similar to New Zealand, the Australian healthcare system also has a combination of private and public healthcare available, and while some doctor’s appointments are paid for, most healthcare is free for those taking advantage of the public system. Australia also invests heavily in healthcare, so nurses working here will benefit from a modern working environment and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

There’s a high level of demand for nurses in Australia and a very proactive recruitment drive. Nurses at the top of their field are often ‘scouted’ by the government. Nurses who have qualified with an advanced degree from Baylor University Online will need to undergo an International English Language Test regardless of their first language in order to qualify for Australian nursing registration. Holding qualifications that are recognized by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board may make it easier to get a visa, but Australia recruits talented nurses from all over the world. Nurses can enjoy:

  • A wide range of places to live and work from rural areas to busy modern cities
  • A high level of investment in education and further qualifications for healthcare staff
  • Reciprocal healthcare provided for yourself
  • Great work/life balance
  • Generous salaries



Denmark is a country offering a unique opportunity for nurses who want to work in a healthcare system that is completely state-funded. It is also one of Europe’s top countries for healthcare provision, with an incredibly well-organized system and exceptionally modern working environments. In Denmark, nurses report extremely high levels of job satisfaction and are happy with their roles.

EU nationals do not need a visa to work in Denmark but nurses from the U.S. will need to apply for the right to work in the country. Irrespective of where you are coming from, you will need to be authorized by the appropriate healthcare governing bodies in order to start working here. It is also required for all nurses moving to Denmark to work to be proficient in the Danish language, and you may be asked to take a language test in order to be authorized to start working.

Nurses in Denmark can expect:

  • A friendly and informal work environment with equality between healthcare professionals, who all go by first names only
  • Six weeks of paid annual leaves per year
  • One of the best nursing salaries in Europe



With a modern public healthcare system in place, Canada is an excellent choice for nurses who are looking to move from the U.S. thanks to its proximity to the country and non-existed language barrier. You can find traveling nurse practitioner jobs in Canada here. 

In order to work in Canada as a nurse, you’ll need to first submit an online form to get the documentation process started, which can take anywhere from three to eighteen months depending on your personal circumstances. You’ll also need to take an examination to get a board certification from the College of Nurses of Ontario before you will be able to practice as a nurse here.

Once you’ve completed all the necessary paperwork, you’ll have to decide where to live — and a condo can be a good start for you. Grand Park Village, for example, can be one of your options as it offers a variety of amenities such as a fitness center, a library, a swimming pool, and a rooftop terrace, making it a great option for any nurse who wants to maintain an active lifestyle.

Nursing in Canada comes with:

    • The easy visa application process for U.S-based nurses
    • An average salary of $51,000 per year
    • Modern working environments

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The UK

Similar to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the UK is an excellent choice for nurses who want to work abroad without the language barrier. Working for the National Health Service is the most popular option for nurses in the UK, but there are private hospitals and clinics too. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement, and life can be excellent as a nurse once you reach higher levels. Entry-level nurses start out on around $30,000 per year which can increase to as much as $43,000 annually with experience.

In order to become a nurse in the UK, you’ll need to be qualified with at least a degree in pre-registration nursing. You’ll also need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and complete an assessment. For nurses trained overseas, it’s critical to ensure all credentials are recognized in the UK. Additionally, you may need to have your translated documents notarized for official purposes, something to prepare for during your transition.

Nurses in the UK can expect:

  • A range of settings to work and live in, from rural countryside areas to major cities
  • Plenty of opportunities for career progression

Whether you’re down for learning a new language or want to work somewhere without a language barrier, nurses can find meaningful work all over the world. Where will your nursing career take you?