Thoughts on Wellbeing when Living in a City

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Living in a metropolis can be exciting as it is packed with culture and exciting experiences. For instance, as an urbanite, I enjoy things like local coffee shops, walking to quaint, meeting people from different backgrounds, and attending cultural events. However, living in a metropolis has some disadvantages.

For example, as an urbanite, I find it difficult to socialize with my suburban friends because of heavy traffic. Other downsides include noise pollution, crowded public transport, and paying about 15 dollars to watch a movie.urban life I know that these may seem like small annoyances, Trusted Sources show that the downsides of city life can negatively affect a person’s physical and mental health. Living in a metropolis can take a big toll on your mental health. According to studies, those who live in urban areas are 39% more likely to have mood disorders and 21% more likely to have anxiety disorders than people living in rural areas.

A 2017 meta-analysis Trusted Source found that rates of these mental health conditions were higher among urbanites:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Anger management
  • PTSD

It also found that the rates of serious psychological disorders including paranoia and schizophrenia. Psychiatrists say that this is because living in urban areas gives the brain a workout hence altering how a person copes with stress.greenwood cemetery sunset watchers manhattan view Urban life can propel a person’s body into a stressful state, called the fight-or-flight response. This makes a person vulnerable to mental health concerns like substance use, anxiety, and depression. This is why 19.1% of Americans live with an anxiety disorder while 6.7% have depression.

Living in the city can also negatively affect your psychological immune system, which can be risky for those with a family history of mental illness. Psychologists say that this environmental stress can increase their risk of developing a psychiatric condition like bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety. With that said here are some of the best places for expats to live.

Although urban life may cause emotional distress, young adults may find it difficult to talk about their struggles because of shame and stigma. As such, they feel lonelier than older generations, according to a Cigna study. Besides, young adults, especially millennials, usually feel burnout a stressful state of physical and mental exhaustion that can deny a person joy in their life.hong kong hipsters Older people may see young people (millennials) as incompetent adults who do not like to take responsibility. However, Anne Helen Peterson wrote for Buzzfeed that millennials have “errand paralysis” and think they should always be working. This belief may be intensified among those young adults who live in those cities that never sleep. This adds to the drawbacks of living in the city.

Urban life can also affect the quality of your sleep and cardiovascular health.

Apart from affecting a person’s mental well-being, urban life can affect your physical health. According to a 2017 study, too much exposure to air pollution and city noise can negatively affect your cardiovascular

Traffic noise can affect sleep quality and increase the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. As time goes by, increased cortisol levels can increase a person’s risk for developing cardiovascular disease. Urbanites are more likely to have insomnia and sleep problems. A survey conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that the bright lights of a city can prevent a person from getting a good night’s sleep.

The survey found that 6% of people who live in highly lit, urban areas sleep less than 6 hours every night. The researchers also found that 29% of these people who live in urban areas are not satisfied with their sleep quality. Therefore, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep in the city and this can cause serious health consequences. Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep enables your body to recover and therefore helps you wake up refreshed and inadequate sleep is not good for your health.selfcare day in the park

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Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

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You’ve traveled to many countries around the world. However, there’s that one place that you always want to come back to. So much so that you’ve decided to move forward and buy a second home for vacationing. Before beginning your search there are several things to consider.

Identifying Your Budget

It’s an exciting time in your life. You enjoy traveling to Argentina and now, you want to purchase a vacation home so that you can visit it more often. Figuring out what you can afford ahead of time will eliminate the disappointment of viewing and falling in love with a property you can’t buy. Instead, do the numbers and then do them again. It’s best to stay in the middle range of your affordability. This way you’ll have the money to customize the home to your liking. 

Use a Realtor

You may love places you visit in Argentina, however, buying a property is different. You don’t know the area well enough to make a good decision without doing a lot of research. Using a Realtor like Pacific Palisades Realtor if you happen to want to mice to California, will help expedite the search and give you confidence that the area is safe and convenient. A Realtor also knows what to look for with regard to the home and whether or not the asking price is within range. You’ll also have a limited amount of time when you look at homes, so having a few good ones lined up in your price range is a plus. 

The Importance of Having Good Credit 

When it comes to getting a mortgage, the higher your credit score, the better your chances of acquiring the lowest interest rates. If your credit score is bordering on good and fair, get the numbers up prior to loan approval. You can pay down credit card balances to less than 30 percent to improve your score in a matter of months.

Factoring in All the Costs

There are many fees that come with homeownership. A vacation home is no different. In fact, it can cost more. For instance, homeowners’ insurance rates are higher for a second home. You’ll also have utilities and property taxes and maintenance. You can offset the costs by renting the home out for several weeks each year. Many people who have properties in other countries do this. Then have a local Realtor draw up the rental papers and choose appropriate candidates. 

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Buying a Newer Home

While a newer home may cost more initially, over time it will save you a bundle. Necessary repairs such as a new roof and heating and cooling system and updated doors and windows can run into tens of thousands of dollars. This will cause you a huge setback and reduce your quality of life. The last thing you want is to finally have a vacation home only to have to sell it.  

Maintaining the Property

You won’t live at your second home, it’s for vacationing. Even, if you plan on spending a month or two throughout the year, that still leaves 10 or more months without someone tending to the property. Hiring someone to maintain the lawn and check on the home at least a few times per month is in your best interest. You can use the same Realtor to find a caretaker. Just remember to add the fees into your monthly expenses. 

Know What You Want

In hot travel spots around the world vacation properties are in high demand. This means that finding the perfect home may be more difficult. Make a list of the things you need and then a few of the wants. If you find a home with most of what you need, take it into consideration. 

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