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How to Celebrate a Friend’s Birthday From Abroad

How to Celebrate a Friend’s Birthday From Abroad

Last Updated on April 14, 2024

When distance keeps you apart, it doesn’t mean you can’t still find meaningful ways to connect. Whether you’re studying abroad or traveling for leisure, you need to be able to make the people back at home feel special and keep in contact with them. 

What do you do when your close friend celebrates a birthday and you can’t be there? You find special ways to show them that you still love them and want to celebrate them. 

Check out these great tips to do just that! 

Have a Virtual Party

Virtual parties are a popular thing these days because they give everyone a chance to get together, even when it’s not in person. 

So, schedule a virtual party and have all of your mutual friends jump online together to celebrate. Use a video call platform like Skype or Zoom and enjoy a party together. 

As you plan this party, you can create a theme, tell everyone to bring their favorite snacks, and add tons of fun as well. Make sure you plan some activities that you can all do in your respective areas to provide entertainment for the party. It will go much smoother if you can play games, take some funny quizzes, or even have karaoke at the virtual party. 

Send Thoughtful Gifts for Delivery

You may not be able to see each other in person, but you can still let them know that they are special to you. Try sending something for a birthday delivery that will put a smile on their face. BloomsyBox’s birthday flowers are a great option and you can find some other similar choices if flowers aren’t your thing. 

Options like these are practical and heartfelt. They show the birthday friend that you thought of them and took the time to do something special to show you care. Receiving a special delivery will absolutely put a smile on their face. flowers

Virtual Movie Night

If you and your friend love to watch movies together, you can enjoy a virtual movie night! It won’t be quite the same as watching a movie together in person, but it’s the next best thing. Plan a movie night or a night to binge your favorite TV show together. Connect via FaceTime or another digital platform and you both stream the same show at the exact same time. 

There are even streaming platforms out there that have watch party features so you can look into something like that too. When you watch it together, you can still enjoy the moments and talk about it too. 

Digital Scrapbook

If you like to make things or you’re great with digital technology, you should create a digital scrapbook. Be sure to include some localized elements, like a digital postcard perhaps. 

However, you will want to primarily focus on memorable moments that you shared with this friend. Some people have even created a scrapbook of their travels and then photoshopped their missing friend into all the photos. 

You can do this many different ways, but the idea is to bring up those memories, add some heartfelt messaging, and provide your friend with a nostalgic tribute to them. Gift this digital scrapbook on their birthday so they can treasure it while you are away. 


You and your friend may be separated by distance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate together. Get creative, use technology, and find ways to connect and enjoy this birthday. Don’t let the day go by without something special, whether you send a birthday delivery or you host a virtual event together. With careful planning, you can shower your friend with love and help to create a memorable birthday from far away.