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Five of The Top Destinations to Visit During December

Five of The Top Destinations to Visit During December

Last Updated on November 29, 2016

Holiday season is almost upon us in every sense of the word. With so much excitement building and preparations to be made some people just want to get away from it all.  There are many great destinations to visit during the month of December and some excellent skiing holidays to choose from.  All those pretty snow scenes would definitely have the avid ski lover gathering up those skis and poles to pack for the snowy climes.Zugspitze view & clouds

Visit the Caribbean for Winter Sunshine

This is the number one paradise of choice with the world’s most beautiful unspoiled beaches, the best hotels, villas and restaurants.  Saint Barth comes highly recommended with one of its highlights being the venue for one of the world’s most thrilling yacht races. It is a hotspot for the super-rich and celebrities from across the globe and especially during December when they need to unwind from hectic schedules.isla mujeres beach mexico


Guatemala comes highly recommended and number two on the top list of destinations to visit during December. It is a beautiful and colourful country. It borders Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. It boasts astonishingly beautiful coasts both on the Pacific and Caribbean sides. It has amazing volcanic landscapes and very pretty towns and as December has the sunniest and driest days this is the best time of year to visit.Antigua Street & Arch

Things to Do in India in December

December in Konark is home to classical Indian arts and culture. Here one can enjoy a celebration of classical dances hosted by an annual dance festival. Jammu and Kashmir which are known for their nature walks, parks and views during the summer months’ play host to one of the best skiing and paragliding destinations in December in India. India comes in at number three of the best locations worldwide to visit during December.indian family in hampi

South-East Asia, a Top Winter Delight

Cambodia and Laos have the perfect climate during December. Why visit while the weather is hot and wet – wait until it is perfect and embrace beautiful colonial towns buzzing with amazing places to eat and drink. They are both large countries with plenty of space to get away from the crowds and have some peaceful alone time in gorgeous surroundings. It may take some extra planning but nowadays with international money transfers it is always easy to top up while away from home. This destination is rated number four in the world’s top destinations for December.vientiane temple

Prague’s Old Town for December

There is nowhere prettier to be found in December than Prague. Those gorgeous ancient streets look like something right out of a fairy tale, and even come with a real castle. Prague is extremely cold in December but is well equipped with lots of cosy restaurants and rich cuisine. At number 5 Prague must be added to the list.mdina cathedral door