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Top 5 cycling holidays in Greece

Last Updated on January 1, 2016

This past summer we toyed with the idea of spending a month in Greece. We opted for Berlin to be nearer to family, but the best thing about Greece as a travel destination is that you can go any time of year and still enjoy the outdoors! We love cycling, and during our time in Berlin we’ve covered around 20km on our bikes on a daily basis! We have done a lot of day cycling trips in the past, but we’re interested in taking it to the next level and try a cycling vacation. They are the perfect mix of sightseeing, active vacation and cultural experience, and becoming increasingly popular around Europe. Next winter we would consider a cycling holiday in Greece, which is why we’re happy that guest writer Megan Simonis is sharing some of her favorite routes and cycling tips for Greece with us:

CyclingThere are a number of companies providing cycle hire, but if you want to get the best out of your break and also want to know in advance how strenuous your cycling is going to be, you can choose a guided tour, because they are all planned ahead and accompanied by an experienced guide.

Try to put in a little training beforehand and don’t be tempted to choose a tour beyond your capabilities at the time of booking – good intentions to train hard before you go don’t always come off and you want to enjoy your holiday with the minimum of sore muscles!

Argo-Saronic route – easy to moderate

A lovely springtime or autumn tour around the southern Peloponnese, this tour takes in the Island of Spetses; a visit to the Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio (where you will need those muscles to be in good order, because it has 99 steps to climb); a nice relaxing wine tasting in a Nemean winery; a visit to the fabulous beehive tomb of King Agamemnon at Mycenae and a magical opportunity to hear the whispers which can span the ancient Epidavros theatre. You can also choose to visit Athens on this tour and if you haven’t been, you really should; it is amazing and the new museum at the Acropolis should not be missed.

Cyclades route – moderate

The Cyclades include in their number some of the most stunning of the Greek islands and the Santorini add on makes this tour a must-do. Some of the routes are on the tough side so get training now; it really shouldn’t be missed. From the out-and-out commercialism of Mykonos to the magical jagged skyline and buried crater of Santorini, every moment of this tour is wonderful.

Santorini, on top of Profitis Ilias Mountain

Cycling in Greece, via Dmitry Lebedev on

Crete – moderate to advanced

Crete is a stunning setting for a holiday and with relatively few cars it is a perfect venue for a cycling holiday. Some of the pulls up the hills can be quite long and taxing but you will get views that no one in a vehicle will ever see, so it is well worth the effort. The Minoan ruins at Knossos are the highlight of any visit to Crete of course, but there is much more to the island than that and with the hiking add on, you can visit villages only accessible by foot or water.

Sacred Sites of the Peloponnese – moderate to advanced

This route takes in much of the first one listed, but with more difficult cycling through mountain passes and some glorious Arcadian mountain villages hard to reach any other way. Visiting the home of the Olympics is a must for any sportsman and the whole trip is like a dream out of time – some might say the only way to enjoy Greece is on two wheels.

private beach

Greek beach with bicycle, by jillis_ via

Cycle Corinthia – easy or moderate

If you want to visit the wonderful archaeological sites of Greece but are not sure how to get the best out of them, then this is the tour for you, because you are accompanied (in very small groups) by a qualified English-speaking archaeologist who is also a keen cyclist – perfect!

Colleen McGuire

Wednesday 9th of July 2014

Hi there sister globalistas! I just noticed your post about cycling in Greece and our bike tours. Thank you! I wonder when you are coming to Greece in 2015 and where you plan to cycle? I am the co-founder of CycleGreece. I am an american who had my own housing rights law in New York City for 16 years until I came ot Greece. I have been to over 45 islands and all over the mainland. I am your Greece expert! Let me know your plans.

BTW, i am also a sister globe trotter. I have been to over 85 countries and spent many years on the road. Here is a link to some of my travelogues from the 1970s.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Colleen McGuire Greece


Thursday 10th of July 2014

Hi Colleen, I'd love to come to Greece and might actually visit later this year. I'll be in touch for sure if I'll make the trip happen; it's always great to connect with fellow globetrotter girls :)