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The Best Destinations for Wellness Getaways in Europe

The Best Destinations for Wellness Getaways in Europe

Last Updated on December 25, 2023

Do you want a holiday centered on relaxation and wellbeing? If so, it’s time to book a wellness getaway to Europe. It’s the type of holiday that puts you in a blissful state as you get pampered like a celebrity for a few days or weeks. And with more and more travelers embracing the wellness trend, you’ll now find plenty of European destinations offering a mix of meditative moments and high-tech wellness treatments. 

Below, check out the best destinations for wellness getaways in Europe.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of those Greek Islands that seem custom-made for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and basking in unmatched tranquillity. As one of Europe’s top destinations for wellness and luxurious detox retreats, Santorini is home to luxury resorts and spas that make you feel like you’re dreaming. From personalized service to stunning views of the Aegean Sea, these resorts promise an incredibly tranquil vacation experience. 

Depending on your needs and preferences, you’ll find a wellness holiday in Santorini to suit you best. You can opt for specialist yoga holidays, where you attend yoga classes by infinity pools facing the spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. Choose from a selection of yoga classes, such as introductory beginner lessons and group classes.

If you prefer a nutrition-friendly wellness holiday, you will find a resort in Santorini that can help you kickstart your healthy regimen. Take advantage of the free health consultation and nutrition experts who can create personalized diet plans to achieve your health and wellness goals. You can choose from an Ayurvedic diet, juice detox, macrobiotics, and more. During your relaxing break, you can indulge in delicious and healthy meals and join workshops and cooking classes.

Scotland, UK 

Whether it’s a short weekend trip or a romantic getaway, Scotland is a perfect destination for a holiday centered on wellness and relaxation. It’s also an excellent place for cosy group rentals, offering an ideal place for groups of friends looking to spend quality time together or groups of travelers seeking solitude surrounded by spectacular landscape views.

Where you stay on your wellness getaway is a significant part of the overall experience. The great thing about a wellness holiday in Scotland is you’ll find a range of fantastic accommodations to suit your needs and style. Some wellness retreats offer a unique fusion of transformational coaching, holistic wellness practices, restorative yoga, self-development workshops, and more. Your stay includes delicious and healthy meals catered to your diet, including sumptuous plant-based menus.

A wellness holiday in Scotland is the perfect choice for those who need time away from the hustle and bustle to focus on relaxation. In addition, a team of professional coaches will educate, encourage, and inspire you to achieve your health and wellness goals. At the end of your retreat, you will gain clarity and replenish yourself from the inside out.Loch Shiel, Scotland

Korcula, Croatia

As one of Croatia’s most beautiful and romantic islands, Korcula is the perfect destination for wellness getaways in Europe. Located in the southern region of Croatia, the island has plenty to offer for those looking for a relaxation-centred getaway. Its lush greenery and crystal-clear waters will make your holiday even more relaxing.

You will have endless options for a wellness getaway in Korcula. Since ancient times, the island’s inhabitants have long been enjoying the benefits of nature for relaxation. If there’s one thing that the people of Korcula are good at – it’s relaxing. You’ll find locals enjoying a lengthy coffee break and not have to rush elsewhere. Many would spend a late afternoon relaxing at one of the island’s stunning beaches. When sunset comes, people flock towards the coastline to marvel at the breathtaking views.

Those who want to escape from the chaotic, hustle and bustle world to search for inner depth and peace within themselves can join yoga classes by the beach. It’s a perfect way to connect with the mind and body, release stress, and develop endurance and flexibility.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza may be known as Spain’s party island, but there’s more to enjoy on the island beyond its vibrant nightlife scene. It’s home to some of the most luxurious wellness resorts and world-class spas, offering fantastic packages to indulge in professional pampering and renew your sense of personal well-being.

In addition, there are some specialized personal growth events around the island focused on healing and harmony. Given the island’s reputation as a place of spirituality and wonder, it’s the perfect destination for a wellness getaway in Europe. 

Some of the most popular wellness packages in Ibiza lure holidaymakers seeking a relaxing experience, which includes stays at luxurious accommodations with breathtaking ocean scenery. Guests can also enjoy sumptuous meals and high-quality wellness and beauty treatments. As part of the island’s initiatives to attract wellbeing-focused travelers, luxury resorts have health and fitness enthusiasts onboard to offer healing sessions and activities like yoga, Pilates, and meditation.

You can combine your wellness getaway in Ibiza with relaxing at the beach. While some of the most popular beaches have beach clubs often crowded with partygoers, there are quieter beaches that appeal the most to wellness travellers. These include Cala Mastella in Santa Eulalia and Punta de Ses Portes in Sant Josep.

Lake Garda, Italy

The magical charm and relaxing atmosphere of Lake Garda make it a perfect place to regain your mental and physical equilibrium while restoring your energy and inner harmony. So, if you’re planning to visit Italy for your European wellness getaway, Lake Garda is the place to be. 

Lake Garda is home to some of Europe’s best spa centers with high-tech facilities to provide health and beauty treatments. The best part is that they are in the region’s most spectacular locations, with sweeping lawns and magical lakeside scenery. 

Thermal spas are among the most sought-after wellness holidays in Lake Garda. Spend the day soaking in a whirlpool tub with sulfurous water to benefit from the water’s healing powers. These spas also have steam baths, saunas, and swimming pools, providing total relaxation.lake garda view over salo