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GPS MyCity: A GPS-powered Travel Encyclopedia

GPS MyCity: A GPS-powered Travel Encyclopedia

Last Updated on December 25, 2023

Most of us spend quite some time reading about our next destination. We have to read through tons of articles before we find the right information. Then you finally discover some great tips and exciting suggestions, only to end up totally blanking out when you reach your destination. Don’t you wish you had your favorite articles or blog posts along? You can, of course, bookmark them, but what if you can’t find even the faintest bar of wifi anywhere in range?

What if your mobile connection comes with a pocket draining data plan or, worse yet, you have no roaming at all? Sometimes you can afford to spend hours or days doing your homework, printing out your articles or blog posts and maps. When you finally get there, you realize finding your way is still too hard and time-consuming. Don’t you wish there were a simple solution to your problem? Well, there is one! It’s called GPSmyCity.

What is GPSmyCity, you ask? It is a travel encyclopedia app that offers not just a huge amount of travel information, but also GPS navigation. The travel articles available through the GPSmyCity app have been transformed to include the coordinates of the attractions mentioned by the authors, offline digital maps, and GPS navigation. So, if you want to visit a hidden gem mentioned in a travel article, by simply tapping a button, you get the detailed travel route from where you are to the destination plotted on an offline map.GPS My City AppThe GPSmyCity app comes with thousands of articles written by travel writers and bloggers from all over the world. They cover just about any travel related topic you can imagine, plus some you never knew existed. Whether you’re a culture vulture looking for the best museums and theaters or a party animal on a prowl for the hottest nightlife spots in town, the broad range of GPSmyCity articles have got you covered. Businessmen, young parents, artists, hippies, foodies, and adventure junkies will all find something interesting. On top of that, one can find information about transportation, safety recommendations, money-saving tips, and other practical advice.

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Any of the thousands of articles available can be downloaded as a mobile app, so that you can read it offline – at the airport, during your flight or on a bus. For an extra small fee, you can get the premium version of the article, which comes with an offline map and a navigation system. It will help you identify your current location and the precise location of your chosen destination using your smartphone’s in-built GPS even when you are not connected to internet. A light touchscreen tap is all it takes to get your route plotted on the map. Go ahead and try it yourself!

GPSmyCity has just launched a crowdfunding campaign, so that it can double the destination coverage from 750 to 1500 cities and make the GPSmyCity app also available on Android. The crowdfunding campaign offers an exclusive reward to the backers. Purchasing all the city walks and articles available at GPSmyCity one by one would currently cost more than $6,000.

However, by backing the crowdfunding campaign, you can get lifetime membership, which will grant full access to all that for only $60 (less than 1% of the current market price). Moreover, the value of your investment is bound to multiply, as new articles are added and the number of available cities grows every day. If you don’t want to miss this limited offer, please follow the link below: