On a shoestring

costa rica sunset

Costa Rica on a Shoestring

Costa Rica is the gem in Central America’s tourism crown: lush, green jungles, wild animals, breathtaking beaches and a well-developed infrastructure make a trip to Costa Rica as easy as it can be adventurous, suitable
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Los Angeles on a shoestring

Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles might seem like an expensive city, but it's easy to explore L.A. without breaking the bank! Check out
San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco on a shoestring

San Francisco was one of our favourite cities during the American leg of our travels. The city is filled with life; it could take a lifetime to discover all of its secrets. It could also
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Hong Kong On A Shoestring

hong kong central2
Hong Kong is notoriously pricey, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit this amazing city! Today I am sharing my