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Polaroid Of The Week: A Winter Sunrise In Germany

Polaroid Of The Week: A Winter Sunrise In Germany

Last Updated on January 8, 2017

polaroid of the week germany winter 2017

This week has been all about spending time with my family and about getting in shape – because I got a pretty last-minute opportunity to run a half marathon in Israel later this month! I’ve briefly mentioned my upcoming trip in my December Life Lately round-up, and I was already super excited for my return to Israel, but this race will make it even better. The marathon route goes along the Dead Sea – one of my favorite places in Israel – so I didn’t have to think long, even though I am admittedly not in the best shape I’ve ever been.

I didn’t run a single time during my week in Berlin, and couldn’t motivate myself to go for a run when I visited my brother for a couple of days afterwards, but now that I am back at my sister’s house I’ve taken my her dog Odie on a daily 5k (even though he’d gladly do a daily 10k) and have run two 10ks. Having Odie is my biggest motivation to run every day – I have to admit that the freezing temperatures are a huge turn-off for me but I am fighting through my reluctance to head out in the snow. The toughest run so far was a sunrise run in 13 F (-10 C) – even though the run through the quiet, snowy fields was beautiful, I’ve never run in cold weather like this – I think the coldest run so far had been 26 F (-3 C). It’s quite ironic that I am training for a desert race in freezing cold winter weather, but what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right? 🙂


Monday 9th of January 2017

Whoa! I've always wanted to do sign up for an international race and time it with my visit there! Running a half-marathon along the Dead Sea sounds SO COOL, Dani! Considering how averse you are to the cold weather, I'm very impressed that you run in a -10C weather! As a general rule for myself, I don't run if the temperature hits below -5C in the morning. It's just too cold! It took me so long to get into the habit of doing a sunrise run, but now that I do it (somewhat) regularly, it's actually a very, very nice feeling and I'm loving it. I also love that I feel so productive for the rest of the day - I mean, I ran when most people are still asleep! Good luck with your training! I'm considering a half-marathon as well but haven't worked up the courage to actually commit.


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

You know how much I hate the cold, Pauline, yes! I should've made it more clear what a HUGE deal it is for me to run in these temperatures. I am proud of myself that I'm pushing through!! Can't wait for the race, and to run in warm weather again ;-) A great destination race I was going to run last year was the Zion Half in Zion National Park - was bummed to find out that it was a one-off race :( PS If I can run a half, you can do it, too!! You gotta tell me when you sign up for one :)