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polaroid of the week india family in hampiSince we’ve arrived in India, we have definitely had our ups and downs…but one thing that always keeps us smiling are some of the friendliest folks we have met throughout our travels.

Wherever we go, we are met with smiles, excitement and curiosity. In some places, they have never seen white skin before… their eyes light up and they flock over to ask with sincere interest where we are from, how we like India, and loads of other questions. We have been photographed countless times, sometimes the kids and teenagers take pics of us with their cell phones. Other times we have ended up taking pictures of full family portraits, shot on our cameras – other times, they ask US to join them in their family portraits! After the photo sessions, the families rush over to check out the pictures on our cameras, as they have rarely ever seen such hi-tech devices up close. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know people here in India!

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    1. They were all adorable, especially the kids 🙂 The people of India were definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

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