Polaroid of the week: Pretty poodle princess in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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polaroid of the week thailand chiang mai poodleAfter having seen countless injured stray dogs in Central America, it has been a relief to discover that dogs are treated much better in Thailand! Stray dogs here live in the Buddhist temples and are fed by the monks, and actual pets are treated like little kings and queens! Now that the temperatures have dropped from 100F to 80 – 90F (the Thai version of winter), many dog owners dress their little darlings in dog shirts and even shoes, and we regularly see dogs being driven around in strollers which seem to have been bought specifically for the dogs. Poodles are particularly popular in Thailand, often styled like princesses with ribbons and bows, as in the picture above.

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    1. There are still way too many stray dogs in Thailand, but we feel that they are treated much better here than in Latin America, because there are just as many people who have dogs and cats as pets and they shower them with love.

  1. If only the dogs on the islands were treated so well. Unfortunately here in Koh Tao where there is more limited resources (and patience?) we see a lot more flat-out violence against the many, many stray dogs.

    It’s a sensitive subject at the moment, one of the most beloved dogs on the island has gone missing and is presumed poisoned. The expat population is devastated.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about the expat puppy…We caught a bit of this issue on Koh Lanta when we were down there in October. I’m actually writing a post about it this week – being an animal lover is devastating when you travel to places where animals are treated so violently…

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