Polaroid of the week: Little bronze girl at fountain | Asheville, North Carolina


Last Updated on February 22, 2021

..polaroid of the week usa north carolina asheville waterfountain girlAsheville, NC is an artistic community, and we managed to see dozens of sculptures around town during our short time in the area. Only afterward we found out that the sculptures were part of the ‘Urban Trail’, an art trail created during the early 1990s to improve the town’s image through the display of public art. Visitors can actually follow the 1.7 mile trail while listening to a self-guided tour that explains the story behind each exhibit, each one representing history, culture and people of Asheville. Along the way, you pass pigs and turkeys, a bronze fiddler, a cat and an eagle. The young girl drinking from the horse-head fountain is supposed to resemble the childhood of Asheville’s older generations who might have drunk from a similar fountain back in the day.

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  1. I just stumbled upon yalls website the other day, because my boyfriend and I are planning an open-ended trip to Central & South America… guys have some great info on here!! AND I came across this polaroid, I was born and raised (and currently live) in Asheville…it is a WONDERFUL place! I hope you enjoyed your stay!! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures and getting some good tips for our upcoming journey 🙂

    1. Hi Sophie, thanks for the kind words! Feel free to get in touch if you need any specific recommendations on where to go, where not to go, places to stay or whatever 🙂 We loved Asheville by the way, the city has a great vibe to it.

    1. You are very lucky to live in Asheville!! What a great town – we were very surprised when we got to Asheville, none of us had thought that we’d like it so much!

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